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Amar Ventures into the World of Business as AICREATIVV's Intern

Amar takes her passion for business to another level, this time discovering the world of B2B companies.

Amar Begins an Internship at Brunei creative agency AICREATIVV

We’re welcoming our fifth intern to the AICREATIVV team - say hello to Amar Rashidah Halim Shah! With a keen interest in business, and a personal mission to learn how to communicate with leads and clients, Amar is looking forward to exploring the intricacies and processes involved in running a B2B company like AICREATIVV.

Hello, Amar!

Amar is studying Sociology and Anthropology in Universiti Brunei Darussalam (UBD), however, her interests currently lie in the business world. She discovered this passion during her time in Maktab Duli (MD), where she took part in a student-led initiative that aimed to expose students to real-life work environments.

With another student and a teacher, she helped to manage a cube store business as if it were her own, and had her first taste of what it takes to run a business. Her teacher, who owned her own personal service-based business, also told many stories of her experiences, which sparked Amar’s interest more.

My teacher from MD would tell me that managing a business and negotiating with clients is “a rollercoaster ride, not a straight road”. And the more questions I ask her, the more curious I got about business, especially service-based businesses.

Ever since this exposure in high school, Amar has been slowly testing the waters of the business world, even launching her own drinks business called “Dani’s Potions” where she sells unique and creative mock-tails, as part of her Discovery Year’s Incubation module. However, comparing her experience selling her drinks at pop-ups and what she’s observed interning at AICREATIVV so far, she realised that the business-to-consumer (B2C) model is vastly different from the business-to-business (B2B) model. She’s keen to develop a deeper understanding of the B2B model, especially when it comes to building relationships and communicating with clients and collaborators.

Amar Rashidah begins an internship at Brunei creative agency AICREATIVV
Amar Rashidah, AICREATIVV's newest intern

We asked Amar what she looks forward to during her time here at AICREATIVV.

”I want to improve on and gain new skills, especially in communication.”

Clear and effective communication is a crucial skill to have when running a business, and Amar is aware of this. She understands that being able to communicate well with the team is conducive to a smooth and efficient workflow, and that communicating well with clients also helps to maintain healthy and positive relationships. Observing the AICREATIVV team, she began to admire the way Imamull Qhaeer and Amaru Jumat speak, and as she spends more time with us, she hopes to pick up the confident tone in their voices and their ability to maintain a smooth flow of conversation both professionally and personally.

”I want to try and prove to myself that sociology has a foot in the business world.”

Sociology is more diverse and versatile than most people initially assume, and Amar believes that the sociological perspective is important and relevant when dealing with the human aspect of business and marketing. For example, a country’s culture can influence the way a business communicates their message to the public, as certain topics of conversation are more sensitive in certain cultures. She wants to find more links between sociology and business during her time here at AICREATIVV, and we’re curious to hear about and learn more from her observations.

”I want to be closer and more communicative with the team.”

Amar considers herself an ambivert: she often appears shy and reserved at first but becomes more bubbly and loud when you get to know her. And while she does enjoy spending time with friends and having meaningful conversations, she often takes her time to become more comfortable, especially around new people. She hopes that, while working alongside the team at AICREATIVV, she can learn to open herself up and allow people to get to know her better.

We at AICREATIVV also recognise the value of a team that is open-minded and collaborative. Having a fairly small team makes it easier for everyone to get to know each other on a deeper level so that we are friends first and teammates second. And with a hybrid working style where we gather in the office three days every week, there’s plenty of time for Amar to get to know the team, and hopefully develop friendships that will last even beyond her internship.

Amar’s Internship Journey Begins

In the time that we’ve spent with Amar so far, we can already see her putting her walls down and becoming more comfortable with the team. She’s slowly revealing more sides to her personality, and we look forward to getting to know her more. Under the mentorship of our strategic partner, Elroy Ramantan, we hope that this internship will be a fruitful and enlightening journey for her, where she can pick up new knowledge and skills that will carry her further in life. So join us in supporting Amar as she strives towards personal and professional growth!

Let’s make the magic happen together!


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