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Asyraf Builds His Arsenal of Experience as AICREATIVV’s Intern

We welcome our newest intern, an aspiring ‘Jack of All Trades’, Asyraf Saharuddin!

Asyraf Saharuddin becomes Intern at Brunei creative design agency, AICREATIVV, and film production company, Filterworks Productions

Say hello to a new addition to the AICREATIVV team, Asyraf Saharuddin, who is undergoing a joint internship at AICREATIVV and Filterworks Production. A fast and eager learner, Asyraf has a personal goal of picking up as many skills and as much knowledge as he can.

Asyraf is studying ‘Business Studies (Marketing)’ in Politeknik Brunei, a new field that he’s venturing into since 2021. Adventurous and experimental, he’s been gaining experience working in various industries, from food, to retail, to hospitality, and this internship at Filterworks Production marks his first step into the creative sphere. Despite the new territory, these previous experiences have made him adaptable, often taking in new situations and environments with calm and stride.

During his internship here, Asyraf aims to improve his adaptability and versatility by picking up different skills and knowledge. During his working years, Asyraf has not yet expressed a strong passion for any field in particular. Instead, he shows a deeper interest in learning everything there is to offer first, before choosing a path to follow. In his own words:

I enjoy the freedom of exploring different avenues without committing to a single passion. That’s why I hold deep appreciation for the experiences I’ve had from previous jobs, because I wasn’t constrained by responsibilities or expectations from life.

We admire Asyraf’s open-mindedness, and his willingness to try new things, no matter how new and foreign they may be.

Asyraf Saharuddin of Brunei creative design agency, AICREATIVV, and film production company, Filterworks Productions

We asked Asyraf what he looks forward to during his time here at AICREATIVV.

I look forward to learning from everyone and their different fields of expertise, especially from Amaru and Aaqil about videography and photography.

Asyraf is currently learning videography and photography alongside another intern, Aaqilull Qhaeer. Together, they’ve worked on multiple videography projects, including promotional material for the third rendition of the National Theatre Festival Brunei this August, and video content for DST. Soon, they will be involved behind the scenes with Filterworks Production as they begin shooting for ‘Penakut Masih’, a short series for AITI’s ‘Pitch and Produce Programme’. With Amaru - AICREATIVV’s assistant manager and a core team member of Filterworks Production - mentoring him, we have no doubt that Asyraf will grow to become a competent videographer.

I want to learn how to make connections and build relationships in business.

Here at AICREATIVV, we want to give everyone the opportunity to build their network and create connections for both personal and professional growth, including our interns. Asyraf has had many opportunities to observe how business relationships grow and foster: he’s sat in meetings with business clients, where he witnessed the theories he learned in his Business Studies course applied to real-life situations, and he’s been involved behind the scenes for multiple large events, such as the UBD Career Fair 2023 and Brunei’s 18th National Youth Day. These opportunities, while they may be intimidating, are crucial to understanding what goes into building a professional, business network.

I want to understand how the creative industry works, and how businesses stay afloat in this industry.

Continuously preparing himself for every possibility in his future, Asyraf is curious about the processes that go into building and maintaining businesses, especially in up-and-coming fields like the creative industry. For AICREATIVV, we believe that growth comes from collaboration, constant learning and relearning, and the acceptance that more can be done as a team than as an individual. As we continue to collaborate and work with others, we hope that Asyraf will see the value in building a network of supportive people.

It has been a little over two months since Asyraf began his joint internship at AICREATIVV and Filterworks Production, and we’ve already seen incredible growth - he’s become more comfortable with the team, placed himself in new and uncomfortable situations, and shown immense improvement in new skills. We hope that the remainder of his internship will be a fruitful journey, one that will leave him more equipped to tackle the bigger world.

Let’s make the magic happen together!

Asyraf Saharuddin of Brunei creative design agency, AICREATIVV, and film production company, Filterworks Productions


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