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Batrisyia Expands Her Horizons as AICREATIVV’s Newest Intern

With fresh and innovative ideas at the ready, the newest intern at AICREATIVV is putting a vibrant spin to content copywriting.

We’re excited to bring another fresh perspective into the AICREATIVV team - welcome, Batrisyia Ali! While she expands her horizons with us, she will explore the creative working environment as she takes on the role of content copywriter.

Batrisyia is currently a student of History and International Studies at Universiti Brunei Darussalam (UBD), and - for the past few years - has been branching out and trying new things. We are impressed by her openness and enthusiasm to experiment, and we are confident that her curious nature will open her eyes to the many possibilities she has in store for her. Previously a fitness instructor for trampolining, she will now exercise her creative muscles as she interns with us for four months.

Living in a household that fosters personal expression, it seemed inevitable that Batrisyia would test the waters of the creative landscape. While unsure where exactly she fits in and where her interests truly lie, she has shown interest in the past.

We asked Batrisyia what she looks forward to during her time here at AICREATIVV

This is what she had to say:

“I want to learn about and gain more experience in the creative industry, with brand strategy and content copywriting as my first stepping stone.”

This internship is not just Batrisyia’s first experience in the creative industry, but it is also her first experience working in general. The creative industry is booming, as diverse and inclusive as it is, and as such, Batrisyia has a lot to learn and explore. As an introduction, we gave Batrisyia an online course on storytelling for freelancers and creators, and her eagerness to learn was apparent: she completed the course within three days and, getting over the initial wave of nervousness, she shared her insights excitedly with the team at the end of her first week. Now, we hope to slowly provide her with hands-on experience, giving her a chance to both observe the way our company functions day to day, and get involved in projects that we’re working on.

“I hope to come up more confident while working in a group.”

As AICREATIVV continues to grow, our choice to work remotely is largely influenced by our advocacy of a healthy work-life balance. We see the benefits in giving members the flexibility to use their personal working styles to their advantage, while still maintaining a level of responsibility and accountability to complete their work within the deadlines set.

Despite this, we still believe in the importance of developing close relationships between members, especially for a creative agency, where strong communication and collaboration within the core team can drive progress towards success. That is why, while our team is still small, we make an effort to meet face-to-face twice a week, in order to foster those relationships and build rapport. We hope that Batrisyia’s internship at AICREATIVV will be both an exciting and comfortable stepping stone into the creative working industry.

Batrisya shares what she learned in a course called "The Art of Storytelling"

“I want to be able to speak up more.”

We’re committed to providing Batrisyia with a comfortable and safe environment to share ideas and opinions, inside or outside of work. Her unique set of skills and experiences will open us up to new viewpoints and solutions that we wouldn’t have thought of otherwise. As a company that favours collaboration, brainstorming ideas and exchanging views have been valuable processes in the design and ideation phase. So we hope that, in her time here, she learns to find the confidence in herself to speak up and share her opinions, as any idea could be the spark that leads to bigger ideas.

Batrisyia’s bubbly personality and enthusiastic approach to learning makes her the perfect fit for the creative landscape, and we are confident that her curiosity will gain her the insight and experience of working in a creative agency. We are glad to be able to join her on her journey of growth and transformation, and we hope to find her passions waiting for her at the end of the ride!

Let’s make the magic happen together!


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