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Najang joins AICREATIVV as the Lead Creative Copywriter

We’re thrilled to announce a new addition to our team, who will take effective communication to the next level!

Two years after our launch, AICREATIVV is expanding to add a Creative Copywriter onto our team - welcome, Najihah Osmera! With her on board, we’ll be able to collaborate with more clients, put out more content, and hopefully, provide her with the opportunity to hone her craft and pick up new skills along the way!

Najihah has had an affinity for words from a young age. It began with reading books and novels, and eventually turned into writing descriptive pieces and short stories.

What is your earliest memory of your writing?

"I had a small taste of publishing victory when I was in primary school. I wrote a short poem for a section in my primary school magazine, and somehow it got published onto the local newspaper. My parents brought it to my attention - they cut it out of the newspaper and stuck it onto the fridge with a magnet. To this day, I still don’t know how that got there! A small part of me still doesn’t believe it to this day. But that experience really boosted my confidence in my writing when I was a kid."

Her venture into copywriting seemed like destiny. We collaborated with Najihah on multiple projects in the past when she was a freelancer, beginning with social media content for PawsUp and the National Theatre Festival Brunei in 2022. While at the time a fresh new copywriter, she showed enthusiasm to learn and didn’t take long to delve into longer forms of writing content. We could feel the spark from miles away.

With her passion in writing and a background in Psychology, we hope that Najihah’s deep understanding in human emotion will bring fresh insight from a copywriting perspective. We’re also confident that she will tailor her writing to fit with the unique tone of voice that our clients envision their brand to have.

Najang's first presentation at AICREATIVV about her inspiration in copywriting

We asked Najihah what she is looking forward to during her time at AICREATIVV.

This is what she had to say:

I’m excited to be a part of the creative process in building a brand from scratch to execution.”

We begin most of our work with creating a Brand Strategy, which all design and writing is further built on. With a collaborative team, Najihah’s keen attention to detail and meticulous style of working is beneficial to the strategy process, as even the tiniest details may be used in the copywriting process.

While we’re growing AICREATIVV’s name in the creative industry, we also see the benefit of growing our team internally - which is why we provide everyone with access to study material, and encourage learning and developing new skills.

While I still feel like a beginner copywriter, I am also looking forward to picking up new skills, some that I can use to make my writing even more impactful, and others that may give me a better understanding of the business and marketing world.”

The growth process also comes with weekly sharing sessions where our team will share what we learned to each other. We hope this also improves Najihah’s confidence and public speaking skills, which will benefit her not only in the marketing world, but even when we’re collaborating and meeting new clients.

I’m interested to meet and learn about other people in the industry - clients who are building their brand with us, clients who are rebranding with us, and creatives whom we’ll collaborate with.”

At AICREATIVV, we value collaboration and growth. So, while we have confidence that Najihah will significantly contribute to the services that we provide as a multidisciplinary creative agency, we also hope that we at AICREATIVV will provide her with lots of experience and learnings that she can carry forward into her future.

Let’s make the magic happen together!


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