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The Spellbook

Unlock the magic of strategic design.
Each week, we'll share insights, tips, and recommendations to help you learn the magical combination of strategy, creativity, and business know-how that truly enchants your audience.
Learn the spells to create magic in your business in 5 mins or less.
Straight to your inbox, every week, absolutely free.

You are now ready to make the magic happen!

Learning is a lifelong journey, and we believe that knowledge is most valuable when it's shared. The Spellbook is our way of sharing our experiences and findings with you and our growing community. 

Join us on this magical journey of discovery, improvement and growth.

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What's inside

The Spellbook?

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To teach is to learn twice

Sharing knowledge is a crucial part of our company culture. Every week, our team comes together to share their expertise and insights, and we use it to enhance our projects and craft. The Spellbook is where we share these valuable insights in bite-sized pieces, delivered straight to your inbox.

Design + Strategy = Magic

At the intersection of design and strategy lies the magic that can transform your business. We combine the two to create magic for our clients. Like science, it's never a conclusion, it's always a discovery. As we explore the endless possibilities of this intersection in solving business problems, we'll be sharing them with you in The Spellbook.


Inspiration is boundless

As we move forward in our journey of learning, we may stumble upon sources, books, inspirations, tools and products that we'll decide to carry with us all the way. Each week, we'll share our favorite sources of inspiration, creativity and discoveries with you, all rounded up in The Spellbook.

And that's not all - we still have more to share. Not everything has to be professional.

Let's dive deeper. Let's be human.


We don't know

The key to learning is to admit that you don't know. This primes our mind to absorb the knowledge more efficiently. You see, like everyone else, we do not have the answers to everything. In the journey of learning, roadblocks are inevitable. When we don't have the answers, we'll ask you. 



We all have something at the back of our minds that we know is holding us back from our fullest potential. To acknowledge it is the first step. We will be sharing the vulnerable side of growth, hoping that it will help you feel like you're not alone. We'll go through it together, and we'll overcome it all together.



As much as we love to share, we also love to listen. Memorable conversations take place when everyone in the circle takes part in it. You can reply directly to the email, and we will be delighted to respond. It's a two-way conversation. You might just inspire us for the upcoming issues.

What you'll explore together with us

Brand Strategy-min.png

Brand Strategy

An intersection between your business goals and the needs of your audience - connect with them in an emotional and deeper level.



A powerful way to co-create with your community, and tap into the collective creativity of your fans and followers.


Personal Development

The journey of becoming the best version of yourself, and unlocking your true potential by embracing failures and moving forward.


Identity Design

The visual language that communicates your brand strategy, values, and mission to the world.



The magic of turning time into value, one task at a time.

Content Strategy-min.png

Content Marketing

A storytelling tool that helps you connect with your audience, build trust, and create a lasting impact - without hard selling.

Social Media-min.png

Social Media

A digital megaphone for your brand voice to reach the right audience, at the right time, in the right way.



The art of using words to inspire action and connect with your audience that aligns with your brand voice.



A curated list of wisdom, tools, and resources to help you take your work and life to the next level.

Does this sound like you?

The Spellbook is for those who have a thirst for knowledge, a passion for growth, and a willingness to take action. If you're someone who values collaboration, shared learning, and improving together, then you've come to the right place - especially if you fall under these roles:

📌 Business Owners

📌 Marketing

📌 Designers

📌 Social Media Managers

📌 Aspiring Creatives

📌 Entrepreneurs

📌 Strategists

📌 Copywriters

📌 Founders

📌 Content Creators

📌 Self Help Junkies

📌 Freelancers

📌 Leaders

📌 Communications

📌 Solopreneurs


Join us on this magical journey of discovery, improvement and growth. We'll see you on the other side.


The Spellbook

Unlock the magic of strategic design.

Learn the spells to create magic in your business in 5 mins or less. 

Straight to your inbox, every week, absolutely free.

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