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Iman Joins AICREATIVV as Lead Creative Designer

We’re bringing in a fresh new perspective to push the boundaries of creativity towards new heights!

We are excited to announce the addition of a Creative Designer to the AICREATIVV ship - welcome, Iman Shamsuddin! With a passion for design and an enthusiastic approach to collaboration and creativity, she is the perfect fit for our team.

Iman graduated with a degree in Design and Creative Studies in Universiti Brunei Darussalam, but her interest in design and art revealed itself at an early age.

What is your earliest memory of dabbling in design?

”When I was, I think nine years old, I used to go on my family’s Acer laptop, and I would go on Microsoft PowerPoint, and that was where I would play with the fonts, with WordArt and Clip Arts. I was really interested in that.”

From there, her interest stemmed and blossomed through school. A visual learner, her note-taking is accompanied by sketches and doodles, and her pages are filled with color-coded areas. Eventually she picked up Photoshop and Canva in university, and learned to create her own original works.

AICREATIVV collaborated with Iman during our partnership with the National Theatre Festival Brunei in 2022, where she took on the role of secretary. She had a lot of enthusiasm to involve herself in the creative industry, and it drove her to do her best. From her excellent design work at Spectrum, to her professionalism at NTFB 2022, we knew that she had a spark for design that we couldn’t pass up.

We asked Iman what she is looking forward to during her time at AICREATIVV.

This is what she had to say:

“I want to learn to communicate and carefully work with clients to further understand their branding needs and vision.”

At AICREATIVV, we understand the importance of transparency and open communication in order to reach the highest level of brilliance in our work. And while our team are all striving towards the same goal, we understand that we each have different approaches to working, and subsequently may need different kinds of information to get the full picture. As such, we encourage everyone to collaborate and network with the people we work with.

We also encourage our members to fully immerse themselves in our process. Most of our work with clients begin with creating a Brand Strategy, which will help guide our team towards creating a brand that is cohesive and reflective of the company’s values. We work with many different types of clients, from small and medium-sized enterprises to corporate bodies, so everyone has a range of experience to improve their skills and expertise.

I’m excited to work with different clients so that I can learn to efficiently create quality designs.”

From working with Iman in the past, we know that her creativity is amplified when she’s surrounded by the right kind of people. She thrives in a positive environment with enthusiastic and supportive people, whom she can bounce ideas off of without being shut down or limited. We hope to develop a great connection with her, so that she can let her amazing ideas flourish.

Positivity is key! I want to grow with each member of the company, learn together, and support each other.”

Iman shows professionalism and diligence when it comes to her work, but she is bubbly and enthusiastic at heart. Her unique perspective to see the beauty in things around her will no doubt be reflected in her stunning designs, and we look forward to seeing how her creativity is applied to our brand identity and designs.

Let’s make the magic happen together!


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