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Entrepreneurship Village Talk: Kickstart Your Social Media

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

AiCreativv talks about how to Kickstart Your Social Media at Entrepreneurship Village, UBD, for Incubation Jan 2022 semester.

Social media has grown into being one of the major essentials in business. In order to reach to a wider audience, have better engagement and get more sales, your business must be in the digital space.

By developing a great strategy that provides value to your audience, you can stand out more from your competitors and ultimately do better to achieve your business goals.

AiCreativv, a Brunei based multidisciplinary design agency that helps ambitious businesses build brand strategy, identity design & social media that inspires, has been invited to give a talk to the incubatees of Entrepreneurship Village (EV), UBD of this semester (Jan - May 2022). This batch holds at least 50 fresh entrepreneurs who are eager to hop into the business world.

In the early stages of the incubation semester, the students are usually instructed to build their online presence to reach out to their potential customers and to put their businesses 'out there' AiCreativv was given the opportunity by EV to share tips and ideas to the budding local businesses on how to strategically build their social media.

AiCreativv was born and grown in UBD Startup Centre (USC), another initiative by EV that helps UBD alumni to build, grow and expand their businesses with mentorship and facilities, with access to the minds of experts in UBD.

The 1 hour long talk highlighted about the overview of social media in Brunei, the balance between content & outreaching, a brief strategy for content & profile and finally some recommendation based on client experiences from AiCreativv.

The talk took place at Entrepreneurship Village, Male Residential College, Universiti Brunei Darussalam.

The content was designed and constructed by the AiCreativv team - Imamull Qhaeer, Amal Osmera and Tengku Zhafirah. The goal was to highlight the potential of social media and how it can bring more business opportunities, even when you're just starting out.

During the Q&A session, most questions revolved around 'aesthetics' of their social media profiles.

Although aesthetics matter in shaping your brand or credibility to a certain degree, there are many more important areas to develop in order to have an optimised social media that can get you more traction.

AiCreativv explains that in social media, you need to have a great balance between offence and defence. In this context, offence is "Reaching out to what's out there" - sponsored posts, outreaching, marketing. Defence is "Preparing for the incoming" - curated, strategised content on your profile, optimised profile and engagement with existing audience.

When an interested user go through your profile, do they know what your services/products are? do they know what value you bring to them? do they know if it's right for them? do they want to come back and look for more?

With this talk, AiCreativv hopes for the budding entrepreneurs to be able to understand social media better and are able to come up with a concise plan to start their business accounts up with greater confidence.

AiCreativv wishes the incubatees good luck for their upcoming exciting journey.


AiCreativv is open to speak between 30 minutes to 1 hour long on a variety of topics: Social media, Branding, Design & Sharing experiences.


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