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AiCreativv featured on DiscoverUBD

AiCreativv has recently been featured in Volume 2, 2021, DiscoverUBD In an article titled UBD in Top 250 Worldwide.

AiCreativv featured on DiscoverUBD, Volume 2, 2021 which discusses how Imamull Qhaeer discovered his passion
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The article highlights about UBD Startup Centre (USC), a platform for alumni to explore entrepreneurial ideas and work with other alumni or current students from a range of different backgrounds and interest. AiCreativv, a multidisciplinary design agency in Brunei, is born and grown under the guidance, mentorship & facilities of USC.

To view the full article on UBD's website, go to this link.

Imamull Qhaeer, Co-Founder of AiCreativv shares the story of how his discovery year in Da Nang, Vietnam with Co-Founder & Creative Director Amal Osmera during their time in UBD, opened his eyes to the possibilities and opportunities in the world of creativity. This exposure lead to the curiosity of starting small design gigs which eventually lead to client projects in varying scales ranging from poster designs in the beginning, to the present multiple yearly contracts of Social media management for ambitious businesses in Brunei.

AiCreativv continues to be involved in the mentorship of USC in a journey filled with an agenda that revolves around expansion & serving more clients with better results along with Co-founder Amal Osmera.

After a little over a year, AiCreativv has successfully help made an impact for 30+ clients. Though AiCreativv is positioned as a design agency that helps ambitious business to build brand strategy, identity design and social media that inspires, AiCreativv has strategically partnered up with other talented creatives to further extend our capabilities to provide a full-stack design service to our clients, with services such as photography, videography, copywriting, media buying, etc.

To view the full issue of Volume 2 of DiscoverUBD 2021, please head over to this link here.


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