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2X Your Instagram Engagement with Better Covers

One of the best ways to approach Instagram for content marketing is by creating content with carousels.

Carousels hold so much potential for creativity, sharability, and audience interaction.

If you aren't doing it, you should start considering doing so.

But before we jump into the nitty-gritty details, let's first look at this from the audience's point of view.

How do they know a post is a carousel post at first glance?

Carousel indicators, the slide number and sliders

Your audience will be able to differentiate between a normal post and a carousel post with these two indicators.

Slide Number

On the top right, you can see (1/10) - basically showing which slide on the carousel you are on. Inactivity on the screen will result in this indicator being hidden.

Circular Sliders

At the bottom, aligned with the like, comment, share buttons are the sliders. This indicator stays even if the user is inactive on the screen.

Needless to say, it is easy for people to miss out on carousels and not swipe at all.

This isn't good for you, especially if your content is packed inside a carousel.

But it doesn't have to be like that.

Look, I'm a carousel post!

Here are some simple tricks you can do for your next carousel post to increase your engagement. The trick is to REMIND your audience that they are looking at one.

Swipe Left

On your cover page, add in an arrow, or better yet, a swipe left icon to remind them that the post isn't a single post. You can be super creative with this.

Additionally, you can also add "Swipe Left" on the first line of your caption. Better safe than sorry.

Swipe left element/graphic

Big Titles

Make sure your titles are noticeable. A good reason to use carousels is that you can disperse your content into multiple slides, and not cramp everything in one picture.

With that in mind, start your carousel post with a big, noticeable, and attractive title. Grab your audience's attention.

This could make or break your carousel. Think of it as a magazine cover, or a youtube thumbnail. Once you get their attention, you're good to go.

A big title for carousel covers

Adding Context

This is entirely optional and can be skipped if you think it seems too crowded. Much like any other blog post you see online, a title is often accompanied by a subtitle or caption that gives the audience some context.

This too can be applied here, if you think it's necessary, and if it's good for your audience.

This can help to assure the audience that they're in for a treat. If you title made them a little bit interested but still hesitate, this should be able get them to swipe.

Short caption for context

Adding Visuals

Humans process visuals better than words.

If we apply this approach here, this could increase the likelihood of piquing their interest.

Add relevant and within-the-context visuals to your carousel covers as a cherry on top.

Here's a quick example.

Add Visuals to grab their attention



Users can easily miss out on carousels because sometimes, they might just scroll past them. Knowing this possibility, the 4 tips can solve that problem. With these tips, you are more likely to get their attention, make them swipe left, and consume your content.

The next time you make your carousels, keep these 4 tips in mind. The more they swipe, the more your engagement rate will rise, the faster you will grow.

Remember - remind, remind, remind.


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