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Imamull Qhaeer, AiCreativv in Brunei's 50 Most Inspiring Linkedin Icons in 2021

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

Congratulations to Co-Founder of AiCreativv, Imamull Qhaeer on getting a spot in The Bruneian's top 50 Most Inspiring Linkedin Icons in 2021.

Imamull Qhaeer, Co-Founder of AiCreativv on Top 50 Most Inspiring Icons on Linkedin, 2021 in The Bruneian

This annual list by The Bruneian features entrepreneurs, corporate individuals, public figures, NGOs, and so on, that have made significant progress in their area of expertise as an effort to acknowledge and appreciate their progress in their respective fields. Brunei's Premier Independent Business News, The Bruneian hopes that the list can encourage and motivate others to keep on going and do best for the country.

Nominees are recommended and voted by the business community in a portal prepared by The Bruneian and the results are to be reviewed by the editorial team.

Read the full article here.

Wow what a way to start the new year! Thank you The Bruneian! Humbled to be listed as one of Brunei’s top 50 inspiring icons on LinkedIn next to these amazing people. Thank you for nominating me, I hope I provided value to you in some way, some how. Never expected to be here. Alhamdulillah! - Imamull Qhaeer on Linkedin

Imamull Qhaeer on Brunei's Top 50 Most Inspiring Icons on Linkedin, 2021
Brunei's Top 50 Most Inspiring Icons on Linkedin, 2021

AiCreativv is a multidisciplinary design agency in Brunei that serves a wide spectrum of clients from all sizes to build brand strategy, identity design & social media that inspires. In the first year of AiCreativv's journey, the team has managed to garner over 30 clients and multiple partnerships with various stakeholders

Imamull Qhaeer of AiCreativv
Imamull Qhaeer, Co-Founder of AiCreativv, pg 19 of Issue 174 of TheBruneian next to Liyana Hanif, Fatin Ariffin, Lailatul Zubaidah, Mukhriz Mangsor, Suzanna Suharju, Agus Muslim and Loqman Hamdan.

For 2022, AiCreativv looks forward to more projects that revolves around brand strategy, identity design & social media for SMEs in Brunei Darussalam. As AiCreativv continues to expand with a network of creative entrepreneurs, the design agency is highly open to companies in the corporate and private sectors who is seeking partners and vendors for their design projects.


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