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Meet Zhafirah, Our New Ambitious Intern from UBD

Welcome to Zhafirah (Linkedin Profile here), our newest addition to the AiCreativv team. We wish her the very best in learning, growing and pickup new skills in her internship role - Asst. Designer.

Zhafirah, AiCreativv Intern in January 2022

At AiCreativv, we put great value in collaboration & passion. The first time we talked to Zhafirah, a designer who is currently in her third year (Discovery Year) in Universiti Brunei Darussalam (UBD) taking Design & Creative Industry (DCI), we felt the spark. For her Discovery, she chose to explore Internship, and she is now part of AiCreativv for the whole semester.

Zhafirah is currently based in Malacca, Malaysia and will be working with us remotely.

She has experience in working as a Multimedia Designer, BTS Agency, an agency based in Malacca as a graphic designer for a local boutique in Kelantan, Malaysia.

As AiCreativv is a multidisciplinary design agency in Brunei, Zhafirah will be a very great addition to the team. She will work alongside us and our partners in design projects that will cover SME's, Private & Corporate agencies.

We found that she's ambitious, goal oriented, and most importantly driven with curiosity. On one of our calls, we took the chance to get to know her better. So we asked:

What are the top three things you're looking forward to in this internship with AiCreativv?

Zhafirah mention a few, and we highlighted a the top three expectations.

She wants to learn the full stretch in a design process. At AiCreativv, we approach any design work with Strategy. Who are we doing this for? Why is the business doing what they are doing? What is the goal?

I want to learn about the full process - from the thinking, brainstorming, concepts all the way to the actual execution of design.

She then wants to learn how to comfortably speak her mind, to be confident with expressing her thoughts, and to be able to actively listen. In any design process, there will be engagement with clients. We must learn how to listen, and we must learn how to present our ideas or concepts.

I want to be comfortable with speaking to clients, and be comfortable with speaking my mind.

Zhafirah continues with her desire to learn about the business in design. How do you want to make a career out of design? What can I offer with my design skills as a professional service? AiCreativv focusses in providing ambitious businesses with brand strategy, identity design & social media. Designing touches many genres and will always be ever-growing.

I want to learn how the business in design flows. What sort of services can be done? How do get clients and how do I offer them my services?

AiCreativv has partnered with multiple creatives in the industry so that a full stack design service can be delivered to our clients.


How did you discover about AiCreativv?

AiCreativv is a design agency that is a member of UBD Startup Centre, a platform and entrepreneurial ecosystem for UBD alumni for startup growth.

I heard about AiCreativv from Miss Q, Entrepreneurship Village UBD. I then explored you guys via your website and IG Account.

Miss Q, or A'qilah Muzani is the Project Manager at Entrepreneurship Village [EV] Coordinator and Supervisor, DY Incubation, UBD.


We at AiCreativv hope that we will give you an amazing & insightful internship experience. Our goal is to collaborate, grow and learn with you along the way. We look forward to an exciting journey with you throughout your internship semester.


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