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AICREATIVV Expands From 2 Members to 7!

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

Charting a course toward success, we welcome new members and new opportunities!

AICREATIVV, a multidisciplinary creative design agency in Brunei, expands their team with five new members - Elroy Ramantan, Iman Shamsuddin, Najihah Osmera, Amal Nabilah Amaru Jumat, and Farhan Jafar Ali.
We welcome five new members and even more new opportunities!

Two years after the launch of the company, AICREATIVV has evolved from a creative agency to a multidisciplinary agency, taking on more clients and projects, and consistently delivering beyond expectations. With growing ambitions and eyes set on the future, co-founders Imamull Qhaeer and Amal Osmera were eager for more opportunities. An expansion was the obvious next step, and by March of 2023, five more members hopped aboard the AICREATIVV ship. Read on and get to know the expanded team, ready to tackle new ventures!

Meet the AICREATIVV Team!

Iman Shamsuddin: Lead Creative Designer

Iman Shamsuddin, AICREATIVV, lead creative designer
Iman Shamsuddin of AICREATIVV

Iman Shamsuddin is the lead creative designer of AICREATIVV, and joined the company after our collaboration in 2022 for the National Theatre Festival Brunei. With her background in Design and Creative Industries, she is involved in the ideation and creation of creative content for our clients, as well as the company’s website and socials. Her bubbly personality and creative energy are further expressed through her love for digital illustration, dance, and the people and cats she surrounds herself with daily.

Learn more about Iman here.

Najihah Osmera: Lead Creative Copywriter

Najihah Osmera, AICREATIVV, lead creative copywriter
Najihah Osmera or Najang of AICREATIVV

Najihah Osmera is the lead creative copywriter of AICREATIVV. Upon joining the company in February 2023, she has been responsible for the ideation and creation of copywriting material in branding projects with clients, as well as populating the company’s website with blog posts and portfolio entries. She spends her downtime escaping into a good story, finding comfort and inspiration from reading fiction novels and playing cozy adventure games.

Learn more about Najihah here.

H. Amal Nabilah Jumat: Agency Accounts Manager

Amal Nabilah Amaru Jumat, AICREATIVV, agency accounts manager, business development
Amal Nabilah Jumat or Amaru of AICREATIVV

H. Amal Nabilah “Amaru” Jumat is the agency accounts manager of AICREATIVV, and is responsible for managing the company’s finances and maintaining client relations throughout our engagement with them. Having majored in both Business Studies and Film Production, Amaru will also help to advise and streamline the development of the company, with the plethora of experience and knowledge that she has gathered in her professional career. On top of her strengths in production and management, she is also an enthusiast in film production, with two personal film projects currently in the works.

Learn more about Amaru here.

The Strategic Partnership Team

Farhan Jafar Ali

Farhan Jafar Ali, AICREATIVV, strategic partnership, client acquisition, business development
Farhan Jafar Ali of AICREATIVV

Farhan Jafar Ali is part of the strategic partnership team alongside two other members of the team. With the skills gathered from his major in Professional Communication and Media, as well as his previous career positions in communications and marketing, Farhan is responsible for collecting, approaching, and communicating with potential and existing clients, navigating the growth and reputation of AICREATIVV. His strengths go hand-in-hand with his passion for public speaking, with his ultimate dream being to compete in the Toastmasters World Championship of Public Speaking.

Learn more about Farhan here.

Elroy Ramantan

Elroy Ramantan, AICREATIVV, strategic partnership, client acquisition, business development
Elroy Ramantan of AICREATIVV

Elroy Ramantan is part of the strategic partnership team in AICREATIVV, and, alongside Farhan and co-founder Imamull Qhaeer, is responsible for collecting, approaching, and communicating with potential and existing clients. His background in Business Administrator, as well as his bubbly and enthusiastic personality, are maximized in order to build and maintain positive ongoing client relationships. Alongside his role in business development, Elroy pursues philanthropy by regularly volunteering in activities and events run by non-governmental organizations and initiatives, such as the ASEAN Foundation and the Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative (YSEALI), finding purpose in giving back to society.

Learn more about Elroy here.

The Blossom of New Beginnings

Like a tree, every member is a root of skills and strengths that run deep within the soil, and it is their contributions that will grow the company to new heights. We are so excited to see each and every one thrive in their respective fields, as we collaborate and work together towards shared goals and aspirations. Here’s to a smooth and prosperous journey, for the team, and for AICREATIVV!

Let’s make the magic happen together!

AICREATIVV, multidisciplinary creative design agency
The team is complete and ready to tackle opportunities! From left to right: Farhan Jafar Ali, Najihah Osmera, Amal Nabilah "Amaru" Jumat, Elroy Ramantan, Imamull Qhaeer, Amal Osmera, Iman Shamsuddin, and Batrisyia Ali.


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