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Aaqilull Directs His Next Chapter as an AICREATIVV Intern

Aaqilull is taking his passion for videography to the next level with behind-the-lens experience in video and film production.

Aaqilull Qhaeer begins his internship at Brunei creative agency AICREATIVV

Join us in welcoming another intern at AICREATIVV, Aaqilull Qhaeer! With a deep passion for videography, he’s stepping into the marketing industry, hoping to explore the different areas of videography, experience film production on a larger scale, and eventually, discover his niche.

Aaqilull was a student at Laksamana College of Business, and had his first experience working with a camera when he joined the Student Council Body. Initially volunteering to do graphic designing, he shifted to photography and found love in the art form. It wasn’t long until his hobby turned from photo-taking to video-taking, and as his posted creations began receiving immense praise from his friends and family, he realised that his joy for videography was deeper than a simple hobby.

After much encouragement from AICREATIVV co-founder, and his brother Imamull Qhaeer, Aaqilull began his internship to turn his passion into a career. Here, he’s had a taste of film production in the marketing industry, observing the process under the guidance and mentorship of Filterworks Production members Amaru Jumat and Aaqiil Ahmad. A particularly eye-opening memory for him was when he observed CTRL Creative’s production of a commercial ad for Baiduri Bank, realising that the world of videography is larger and more complex than he initially believed.

"It was my first time seeing everything, from lights to sound, and I just loved the idea of every component being important and coming together to contribute to one final product.

Aaqilull Qhaeer Becomes Intern at Brunei creative agency AICREATIVV

Since Aaqilull’s internship began in May 2023, he’s had multiple experiences working with commercial and promotional video production. Alongside another intern, Asyraf Saharuddin, he’s created promotional event coverage material for the National Theatre Festival Brunei 2023, and short-form commercial videos to market the different data plans by Bruneian telecommunication company, DST.

His next step is to dive into film; he’s set to join the production crew for ‘Penakut Masih’, a short film series by Filterworks Production for AITI’s ‘Pitch and Produce Programme’, working on behind-the-scenes content and coverage. Moreover, Aaqilull was also chosen as one of two Bruneian candidates for the ASEAN-ROK Film Leaders Incubator 2023 (FLY for short), where aspiring and experienced filmmakers from across ASEAN come together to learn everything there is to know about the film industry. Aaqilull has never dabbled in film before, and as this will be his first independent project to produce a short movie, he’s excited to explore this world and discover whether his niche exists here.

We asked Aaqilull what he looks forward to during his time at AICREATIVV.

"I’m looking forward to learning the technicalities of media and marketing.

As a creative person, Aaqilull has been experimenting with different styles of short-form content. However, his introduction to the creative industry opened his eyes to the larger world of video production, and it became evident to him that there is still a lot to learn. During his internship, we hope to provide him with the resources to expand his knowledge and experience, through online courses, workshops, and real-life experiences. Additionally, he can receive mentorship from members of the core team, who have been in the marketing and film industries for years: Amaru Jumat, who has experience producing for film and commercial productions for about 6 years, and Imamull Qhaeer, who has experience in marketing ever since he started his own company, AICREATIVV.

"I want to learn how to work and communicate with the team, and how to communicate with clients.

At AICREATIVV, we believe that developing close relationships within the core team is important, especially for a creative industry that relies on communication and collaboration in order to carry out projects successfully. In order to foster those relationships and build rapport, the team works at the office three times a week, where we can communicate with one another more easily, and get to know each other, not only as colleagues, but also as friends.

Aaqilull has also learned that the relationships he fosters outside of the office could benefit him in the long run, and is eager to learn how to communicate with clients and other business owners in order to develop a professional network. With a strategic partnership team well-equipped with experiences in B2B communication, from client meetings to networking events, Aaqilull is surrounded by knowledgeable individuals whom he can learn a lot from.

"I hope to improve my professionalism by learning to be more disciplined, organised, and responsible.

Professional growth has many facets, and Aaqilull's priority is to practice self-discipline. Although Aaqilull has gotten used to a meticulous style of work from his personal projects, working with clients taught him the importance of meeting deadlines and expectations. Lessons like these can only be gained from working in a professional setting, and that is why we want to provide interns and entry-level recruits with many learning opportunities that they can carry forward in their professional lives.

Aaqilull Qhaeer becomes intern at Brunei creative agency AICREATIVV

Through this internship, we hope that Aaqilull will discover his niche, where both his skills and passions thrive. Whether he is discovering the balance between professionalism and perfectionism, or exploring new areas in the realm of videography, we are glad to join Aaqilull in this journey to becoming a versatile videographer who is able to tackle any creative project he comes across!

Let’s make the magic happen together!


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