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Imamull Qhaeer

Co-Founder, CEO

Strategy, business development and overall company health

Imamull, our Co-Founder and General Manager at AICREATIVV, is a dynamic professional with a strategic vision. As the driving force behind our agency's growth, he oversees projects, engages with clients, and shapes our company's strategies. Recognized as one of the "Top 50 LinkedIn Icons of Brunei" in 2021, Imamull is not only a leader within our organization but also an influential figure in the professional landscape.

Beyond his managerial role, Imamull shares his expertise as an Adjunct Lecturer in IBTE Business Campus, focusing on the Digital Marketing Module. His passion for learning is evident in his role as a system builder, reader, and strategy game player.

Imamull has played a pivotal role in over 100 client opportunities during his three years at AICREATIVV, showcasing his exceptional skills in client management and business development. Moreover, he has been recognized as an industry thought leader, having been an invited speaker for LiveWIRE, Entrepreneurship Village, and DARe.

Imamull envisions building a team of leaders at AICREATIVV, where growth, value, and knowledge form a continuous cycle. His commitment to fostering a culture of learning and leadership underscores his dedication to creating an environment where every team member thrives.

He extends his impact to the community, leading marketing and design for the National Theatre Festival Brunei 2022, spearheading the Brunei Darussalam Central Bank Financial Literacy Awareness initiatives in 2022 and 2023 and being chosen as the face of the creative industry along with his team at AICREATIVV for Hari Belia 2023.

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