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Alimin Gets a Close-Up of Videography as an AICREATIVV Intern

IBTE student Alimin Sofian presses play on his pursuit of becoming a better videographer and content creator.

IBTE student Alimin Sofian begins an internship at Brunei creative agency AICREATIVV.

We’re welcoming another intern into the AICREATIVV team - one of five students from the Institute of Brunei Technical Education (IBTE), say hello to Alimin Sofian! From February to July this year, Alimin will dive deeper into the creative industry, with a particular focus on videography and video production under the guidance of Amaru Jumat and Aaqilull Qhaeer.

Hello, Alimin!

Alimin’s decision to study Business Management at IBTE came after experimenting with a few businesses of his own, which he launched during the boom of house plants and home-based coffee during the COVID-19 pandemic. He opened ‘Limin Plants’, selling variegated and rare house plants, ‘Good Potion’ with his friends, selling iced teas and fruity beverages, and is currently developing ‘Around’, a home-based coffee business. He grew to be very passionate about the businesses that he ran and wanted to study Business Management to be more confident in his role as a business owner.

Alimin also has a passion for making videos, getting his inspiration and motivation from Indonesian YouTubers Leonardo Edwin and Jerome Polin. Whether he is traveling, appreciating nature, or creating latte art, Alimin has an eye for these small beauties in life and yearns to share these moments with the world. He shares an experience that stuck with him during his trip to Singapore in 2019 for the 'Brunei Singapore Student Leader Adventure Camp' (BSAC):

"One night we went to one of the gardens, put on sleeping masks and listened to nature, not allowed to talk to anyone. I loved that kind of experience, and here I overcame my fear of the dark.

With so many interests and passions, Alimin is on a quest to discover a way to combine all these passions together, and he believes that videography might be the answer. Under the mentorship of Amaru Jumat and Aaqilull Qhaeer, he hopes to learn how to create videos that are more than just aesthetically pleasing, but also meaningful and valuable to those who watch them.

IBTE student and AICREATIVV intern Alimin Sofian travelling and sightseeing.

We asked Alimin what he looks forward to during his time here at AICREATIVV.

“I want to make more videos during my time here.”

From the first day that we met Alimin, he expressed a strong interest in video-making. In the past, Alimin dabbled in videography by taking cinematic shots of the scenery around him. Now in his internship, he will dive into the technicalities of video production and editing, hopeful that this will bring him a step further from making videos that are just pleasing to watch. So far, Alimin has been a part of several video production projects through observation, directing, and editing. Hopefully, these experiences will provide him with some insight into how film and video can add value to others’ lives.

“I look forward to personal growth.”

Alimin is still leaving his options open for his future endeavours after graduating from IBTE. Whether he will go on to be an employee at a company or his own boss as a business owner, it’s always beneficial to know how to act and behave professionally. At AICREATIVV, the team is relatively small, so while everyone is friendly and comfortable with everyone, we also maintain professional boundaries so that the company continues to stay productive. We hope that this unique environment is conducive to the development of professional work ethics as well as a sense of openness to express himself and his opinions freely.

“I’m eager to do more networking.”

Alimin considers himself an ambivert and enjoys meeting a lot of different people. During the BSAC programme in 2019, Alimin explored the cityscapes of Singapore with his friends, where he met residents and exchanged stories with them. Similarly, during his internship, Alimin hopes to meet many different people in the creative industry and listen to their stories and experiences so that he can learn from them. Collaborating and working with others often lead to more creative ideas and opportunities that may not be possible through working alone, so we hope that Alimin can find the connections that will last him a lifetime.

Alimin’s Internship Journey Begins

In the months to come, Alimin will have plenty of opportunities to improve his videography and editing skills through participating in company and client projects. He has consistently shown a keen drive to try new things, regardless of how challenging they may seem. For his go-getter attitude, we admire him, and we’re excited to see how far he’s grown by the end of his internship journey!

Let’s make the magic happen together!

IBTE student Alimin Sofian begins an internship at Brunei creative agency AICREATIVV.


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