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Aspiring Accountant Zaid Begins an Internship at AICREATIVV

IBTE student Zaid Hj Kamal puts a positive spin on new challenges this year with an AICREATIVV internship.

IBTE student Zaid Hj Kamal puts a positive spin on new challenges this year with an internship at Brunei creative agency AICREATIVV.

We’re welcoming another intern to AICREATIVV this year - one of five students from the Brunei Institute of Technical Education (IBTE), let’s get to know Zaid Hj Kamal! With a passion for accounting and finance, Zaid wants to spend his internship at AICREATIVV building on the knowledge and skills of a reliable finance manager.

Hello, Zaid!

When we asked Zaid why he was interested in Accounting, his answer was something we did not expect: “It’s actually from a k-drama”, he said timidly, and described the inspirations he gained from watching the 2020 Korean drama ‘Start-Up’, which follows the story of a man who tries to keep his business from going bankrupt. From watching the main character struggle to come to terms with himself and his capabilities as a business owner, Zaid discovered a motivation to experience his version of this story, despite the risks that may come with it.

“I want to learn accounting because, even though it comes with more responsibility, I want to take those risks so that I can learn something new.”

Zaid’s reliable nature has not gone unnoticed in his academic studies, having given the leadership position in multiple of his group assignments. Even though, in the beginning, he felt a lot of pressure to execute the role successfully, it turned out to be a very informative experience that shaped many of the values that he finds important today, such as good communication, patience, and honesty. These qualities make Zaid a valuable member of any team, and we hope that we can be a supportive mentor during this quest for self-improvement.

IBTE student Zaid Hj Kamal puts a positive spin on new challenges this year with an internship at Brunei creative agency AICREATIVV.

We asked Zaid what he looks forward to during his time here at AICREATIVV.

“I want to get more understanding and experience about how to keep a company running.”

After experiencing what it’s like to lead a team in IBTE, he’s now motivated to learn the skills that will help lead a company towards success. During this internship, Zaid wants to gain a deeper understanding of a company’s business operations, with a particular interest in finance. He is determined to challenge himself during this internship by taking on tasks and roles that are operational and managerial; they may be demanding and often multifaceted, but we’re certain that he has the mentality to undergo the learning process.

“I want to contribute to a good environment in the workplace.”

Past experiences in Zaid’s life have taught him that it’s better to view situations positively, even if they may bring about negative emotions. For example, if Zaid received criticism as feedback for his work, despite feeling disappointed, he would prefer to take the negative comments as advice on how he could’ve done better, and would come back to work with an optimistic mindset to apply the comments he received. We also encourage the team as a whole to adopt the same learning mindset when receiving feedback - every experience can be a learning lesson.

“I hope that I can be a good team player, and make useful contributions towards AICREATIVV’s goals.”

At AICREATIVV, we liken members of the team to roots of a tree: every root contributes to keeping the tree alive and thriving; similarly, every person in AICREATIVV plays an important role in keeping the company productive and efficient. We can see that Zaid’s ambition to take on large roles also stems from his desire to be a meaningful and reliable team member. To guide him towards these goals, we gave Zaid tasks that shadowed the responsibilities of our assistant manager, Amaru Jumat, in both her roles in finance at AICREATIVV and as a producer at Filterworks Productions. We hope that this gives him a thorough understanding of a company’s business operations.

Zaid’s Internship Journey Begins

As we get to know Zaid during his internship, we’re finding that his playful personality brings a lightheartedness to the office that we have come to adore. But he also shows a drive to perform well, staying on top of his work and taking on roles regardless of how challenging they may be. Under the mentorship of Amaru Jumat, we have no doubts that he will gain the skills and demeanor of a professional and competent individual. May this internship open doors to more opportunities in Zaid’s future!

Let’s make the magic happen together!

IBTE student Zaid Hj Kamal puts a positive spin on new challenges this year with an internship at Brunei creative agency AICREATIVV.


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