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Creative Economy Week

Sep 2020 - Jan 2021

Rebranding for Creative Economy Week

Creative Economy Week or CEW is a hyper-collaborative industry carousel, where professionals, entrepreneurs, and artists all engage in an exchange of insight showcasing the ways in which creativity plays an active role in different lines of work across industries beyond “the arts.”

CEW approached us for a full-on rebranding a few months prior to their launch day. AiCreativv hopped on with a team full of talented creatives as the Design & Branding Partner.

Roles: Branding, Social Media, Creative Direction & Design Partner - AiCreativv
Marketing Lead, Content & Copywriting - Aqilah Ali
Design Lead - Syafiy Izady
Design Intern - Nazri
Website Manager - May Cho

Thanks to:
The Creative Core BN (@thecreativecorebn) - Charlotte & Syazni
Creative Economy Week (@creativeeconomyweek)

A week-long festival celebrating creativity across different industries.

Defining The Visual Direction

When we asked "What does CEW want to be in eyes of their audience?", we landed on five core values: Approachable, Conversational, Warm, Genuine & Inspiring. The new visuals are meant to give the audience a warm and fuzzy feeling rather than to intimidate them. Creative Economy Week wishes to bring together creative practitioners, young entrepreneurs, corporate personnel and young professionals.

Making CEW "Approachable"

Visuals play a big role in one's impression. That's exactly where we decided to start. How can Creative Economy Week look friendly, as if cheerfully inviting people in? A smile. A wink. Better yet, both!

We explored the possibility of extracting the initials "CEW" and crafting it into a catchy symbol. The logo is inspired by the very happy-go-lucky team, as well as the community driven and highly expressive creative industry. Together with the CEW team, we chose the "familiar" smiley face monogram as a representation of CEW's core values.

This highly influenced the typeface exploration process. We needed a chunky one for character, and we settled with a good balance of playful for the primary and secondary typeface.

This acted as a north star for the creative process.

A Lot To CEW On

We didn't stop at just the logo. We built an identity full of smiles and wonder.

We preserved the color as a nod to the old CEW. CEW has a built a few years of brand recognition with their striking orange, so we agreed to move forward with it.

The logo made it possible for us to extend the cheeky vibe to photography style, poses, iconography and overall visual designs. To amplify the "Approachable" trait, the team made a glossary of puns with "CEW", pronounced as Chew.

In addition to the brand identity, we worked together with the team to design their Instagram feed for a 3-months period, producing hundreds of slides for stories, carousels, thumbnails, backgrounds with custom illustrations. Apart for Instagram, we've also designed other touch points, such as their website banners and YouTube Thumbnails.

Have a peek at what the lovely creative community did to express CEW with their art style on Progresif's and Just Bruneian's Instagram.


AiCreativv Infinity Package
Brand Discovery
Logo Design
Identity Design
Social Media Design

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