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My Verve Tuition Centre

Nov 2020 - Jan 2021

My Verve's Way Forward for Education

A Brunei-based tuition centre with a vision to inspire students to work on personal development and soft skills. They aim to be a leading modern tuition centre across Brunei Darussalam with students who strive to be the best versions of themselves. Prior to launching, they approached us to craft their Brand Identity. As soon as they told us about their vision, we were highly inspired to hop on the project.

Branding, Social Media, Creative Direction by AiCreativv
Photography by Alim Aziz & Liyaqat

Thanks to:
My Verve Tuition Centre team

"We want to help curious students to inspire themselves in an open, transparent, and supportive space. We want to promote growth and self reliance."

Inspiring Curious Students

My Verve Tuition Centre wants to provide tutoring services to curious people in a dynamic journey with a transparent voice. They want to help their students feel self-aware and self-reliant. Appearance-wise, they would like to be inviting and welcoming to students, parents, and their staff. Our mission was to convey these traits visually and creatively, to establish a persona that connects with the parents and students. With so many great local tuition centres, we decided to formulate a plan to stand out.

Student-Centered Approach

After completing our Discovery Session, with collaborative effort, we managed to uncover a deeper insight into the envisioned brand. The most prominent ones were narrowed down into six, student-centered values; Transparency, Supportive, Innovative, Explore, Growth and Openness. We used this as our compass during the design phase.

Human & Supportive

To be fully student-centered, we thought of all possible interactions between the tuition centre and their students. It's not the subject, it's not the prices, it's not the offers. They would be spending most of their time with the talented teachers and tutors. We made sure the first thing they know about the centre isn't its attractive features, but rather, their front-liners. In our posts, social media and online marketing, we prioritized the faces of the teachers and their expertise. As a result, My Verve Tuition Centre appears more human and supportive, with their team reflecting the 6 brand values. We then expanded this to all of their touch-points, the space, the app, the website, the social media, and so on.


AiCreativv Infinity Package
Brand Discovery
Logo Design
Identity Design
Social Media Strategy
Social Media Design
Web Design

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