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Jun 2021 - Present


Ajung Group of Companies is involved with a variety of businesses that ranges from Facility Management, Product Distributor, Supplier, Merchandising & more. This rebrand project was launched as a leap into the its future possibilities with a nod to its origin. Historical, Luxurious & Grand are three keywords from their Brand Attributes that influenced a big part of this design project.

"We want to be something that people will be proud of,"

From a Drop to an Ocean

Alone we are one drop, together we are an ocean. — A phrase that the Managing Director, Osmera Othman echoes at his seminars before the uplifting applauds from like-minded community members fill the room.

Ajung has performed outstandingly well, making big moves ever since they've started. Their community is goal-driven, ambitious & strong. We were chosen to help redesign their look and translate their amazing journey into a more distinctively grand identity.

Realization at 30,000 ft

This story of growth and hard work inspired us to dig deeper into their roots, their stories, their very essence and it brought us to where it all started. A house on top of a hill in a junction called Jalan Pengkalan Ajong Keriam with two entrances — muddy and gravel.

At a few thousand ft above on Google Maps , we realized something very magical.

These two entrances make a shape of the head of a ج, which is equivalent to letter J in AJUNG. We then built upon this as a foundation to their new identity.

We worked to expand this identity with designs that live on their platforms and various customer touch points. We had one simple goal in mind: To uplift their brand to be on par with their immense growth.

An Elegant Leap

With a completely redesigned and reimagined identity, Ajung will move forward with great leaps — elegant ones — hand in hand with their team.


AiCreativv Infinity Package
Brand Discovery
Logo Design
Identity Design
Social Media Design
Stationery Design

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