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June 2021 - Present


Peachy is a diner-inspired takeaway joint serving up salads, sweet treats and good vibes. Located in the middle of Lambak's busy traffic light junction, the masses can't help but to turn heads towards the huge pink Peachy sign. Peachy is going big with balance with a delicious selection of healthy food and an irresistible variety of treats. The store is led by a team of passionate, genuine and peachy individuals who are eager to make your day just a little bit better.

Social Media Consultancy & Strategy by AiCreativv
Photography & Videography our media partner, AMH

Special mention:
Playquarters for their amazing packaging design

Ready, Set, Peachy!

A few months before their launch, the Peachy team approached us at AiCreativv to formulate a plan to elevate their digital presence. Peachy has a clear vision of sharing about self love and balance, of not being too hard on yourself through a mix of healthy salads and cheeky sweet desserts. Our mission was to help Peachy convey their message right before their doors were open for the eager and excited public.

Leading Light

The very core of marketing lies in the stage where the end users or target audience are defined. We carried out a User Persona session with Peachy to really get into the daily life, the pain points and the frustrations of their target customers and paint a picture of how Peachy can tackle help them with objective solutions. The goal of this exercise is to identify, understand and learn better on how Peachy can serve them better. From the insights, we collaboratively paved a clear direction for photoshoots, messaging, content, and overall design — in other words, leading the light towards the target.

All's Peachy & Good

Thanks to the folks at Peachy and their wonderful collaborative energy, we managed to steer them towards a magical hit! We laid out an impactful roadmap paired up with some fresh creatives — photoshoots/videos, design work & content that lead to a striking growth and promising engagement on their social media. All's Peachy and Good!


Social Media Design
Content Strategy
Instagram Strategy

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