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Amal Osmera

Co-Founder, Creative Director

Creative strategy, brand strategy, and manages the creative team

Amal Osmera, our Creative Director and Co-Founder at AICREATIVV, is a visionary leader shaping the creative landscape. In her role, she not only dictates the creative direction but also crafts intricate brand strategies for our clients, leading our dynamic in-house creative team and managing extended creatives involved in our projects.

Graduating in Sociology and Anthropology in 2019, Amal seamlessly integrates her academic background into her work, adding a unique and insightful dimension to our creative endeavors.

Amal's leadership extends beyond our agency's walls. In 2023, she led the National Theatre Festival Brunei, leaving an indelible mark on the cultural landscape. Her creative prowess was further demonstrated in spearheading the brand refresh for "Hari Belia," one of the largest annual events in Brunei. Additionally, Amal played a key role in creating the brand identity for "Wadokai," marking the inauguration of the first international karate tournament in Brunei.

The breadth of Amal's leadership is not confined to our in-house team. She adeptly manages and collaborates with extended creatives, ensuring a harmonious integration of talent in our projects.

As a Co-Founder, Amal has been instrumental in shaping the vision and ethos of AICREATIVV from its inception. Her commitment to the agency's success is reflected in both her leadership and creative contributions.

Away from the drawing board, Amal is passionate about cats, relishes learning, meeting new people, and diving deep into the intricacies of brand strategy. Her multifaceted interests contribute to the richness of her creative vision.

Recent Highlights

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