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What makes a good logo?

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

A logo can represent the unique brand identity of your business. As a result, you should think about getting the best possible logo designed for your business. It will remain at the center of your branding efforts while representing the overall personality of your company.

So what makes a good logo? Here are some major factors that we consider when crafting logos for our clients.

Photo by Roman Pohorecki from Pexels

Keep your logo simple and memorable

Simplicity is one of the qualities that must be included in your logo. Hence, you need to try your best to keep the logo simple at all times. When your logo is simple, people will find it an easy task to remember it.

It can be very tempting to add a lot of elements into your mark; this resembles this, and that resembles that. When a logo is too complex, it's quite hard to remember, to be memorable. You want your audience to remember.

Let's blurt out a couple of names and see if you can remember their logomarks!







Notice how all of these names have their logo pop up in your head?

Colors evoke emotions

The colors you include in the logo contribute a lot towards its overall success. Hence, you must carefully choose the colors of your logo. It should catch the eyes, convey messages, and evoke emotions. On the other hand, you should ensure that the colors used in the logo match perfectly well with each other.

Different colors have different meanings depending on their context.

Red can mean strength and courage, but also resembles food and energy.

Orange can mean happiness and optimism, but can also mean fun and excitement.

Apart from the main color, black & white, grayscale, light/dark versions should also be available too.

Make your logo versatile

Now more than ever, you are going to use your logo in many different places.

Is it digital/on-screen or is it physical/on print?

Is it a social media profile photo? a watermark? on your website?

Is it on a huge billboard? a poster? brochures? business cards?

Versatile means to have different variants that work best on different applications.

Usually, a full logo package would consist of the logomark, wordmark, vertical lockup, horizontal lockup, app icons, favicons & many more.

The logomark might work better on watermarks and social media icons.

Whereas the horizontal/vertical lockup might work better on documents or huge banners.

All in all, a versatile logo has a proper system that makes them work seamlessly on a variety of applications.


Keep these tips in mind and get the best logo designed for your business. A good logo does not only look good by itself, but it also looks good everywhere. It works and it's functional.


Want to give your business a unique personality and stand out from your competitors?

Let us help you. Contact us and let's have a conversation.


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