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Tina Dives into the World of Media as an AICREATIVV Intern

Faustina Thane returns from KL to discover new potential in Brunei’s creative industry with an internship at AICREATIVV.

Faustina Thane begins an internship at Brunei creative agency AICREATIVV

Another intern has joined AICREATIVV - please welcome Faustina Thane! A Graphic Design student with a passion for photography, Tina is hoping to discover what new opportunities and potential she can discover for herself in Brunei’s developing creative industry.

Hello, Tina!

Tina has always been a visual thinker. Whether taking notes in school or simply observing the world around her, she found it much easier to learn and think with images instead of text. She has a strong interest in photography, finding joy in capturing beautiful and aesthetically pleasing sceneries on camera. So when she began her higher education in the field of IT at Politeknik Brunei, which dove deep into details regarding computer systems, data management, and programming, two things happened - Tina realised that a career in IT did not align with her, and she discovered a new interest in graphic design and media.

While I was interning at MTIC (Ministry of Transport and Infocommunications), I told my boss that I can do design, so I did design for some of their data analysis infographics, and they liked it!

Seeing a potential for a career in the creative industry, Tina then pursued a degree in Graphic Design at INTI International College Subang in KL, Malaysia, and her search for a fulfilling career path continued when she began her internship at AICREATIVV. In the three months that she spent with us, she found herself unexpectedly interlaced in the world of media, where she could build on her existing skills in graphic design, video editing, and photography. A woman who works well under pressure, working with clients in new and unfamiliar projects exposed her versatile and adaptable nature.

Faustina Thane begins an internship at Brunei creative agency AICREATIVV
Tina with her co-emcee Leena during her college graduation showcase.

We asked Tina what she looks forward to during her time here at AICREATIVV.

“I hope to learn new things that can enhance my creative work.”

Tina makes an effort to embrace unfamiliar territories instead of avoiding them because, in her own words, “sometimes learning the hard way is the best way for myself.” And one such unfamiliar territory for Tina is graphic design. Her degree gave her an in-depth look into theories and principles of design, but now, she’s ready to learn how those theories can be applied in real-life settings. So during her time here, she wants to observe and learn different people’s methods of approaching their design direction, in the hopes that she might find one that works for her too.

“I want to gain more experience doing creative work for clients.”

Another unfamiliar territory that Tina did not expect to be a part of, but nonetheless embraced, is media and production. Almost immediately as she began her internship with us, she dove into video editing tasks, and not long after that, with clients on-site for photography and video production projects. Tina experienced what it was like to work with a production crew, and even took on unfamiliar roles such as sound operator and camera assistant. Despite the feelings of nervousness over these new experiences, Tina continued to be determined, throwing herself into the work with the fervent drive to learn.

“I’m looking forward to working with a creative team.”

As Tina advanced through her internship at AICREATIVV, she grew grateful for the friends she has made here. Surrounding herself with the creative team aided in her pursuit of more knowledge and understanding of graphic design. On top of that, her experience of our working environment has been nothing short of enlightening. Being a team that prioritises collaboration and learning, the culture that we foster is vibrant and harmonious, and reflects the ideal team dynamic that Tina wishes to be a part of. It motivates her to continue learning and striving to do her best.

Tina’s Internship Journey Begins

Tina has been a positive addition to the team, whose spirit and banter mesh well with the company dynamic. She has repeatedly impressed us time and time again with her work, showing great potential to be an indispensable individual within the creative industry. We hope that Tina will grow and thrive during her internship with us, and that she finds a place in the near future that appreciates her capabilities and embraces her contagious positive energy.

Let’s make the magic happen together!

Faustina Thane begins an internship at Brunei creative agency AICREATIVV


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