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Stephanie Finds Inspiration with an Internship at AICREATIVV

KIGS student Stephanie Yong starts her 3-month internship at AICREATIVV to discover how far her artistry will take her.

Kolej International Graduate Studies (KIGS) student Stephanie Yong begins internship at Brunei creative design agency AICREATIVV

Join us in welcoming another intern from Kolej International Graduate Studies (KIGS) - Stephanie Yong! Stephanie is studying Professional Design and wishes to rediscover herself and her creative inspirations with new experiences at AICREATIVV.

Hello, Stephanie!

Stephanie has been expressing her creativity through art her whole life. She loves to paint landscapes and add subtle details that can influence people’s subjective interpretations of her creations. She continued to pursue her passions by studying Professional Design at KIGS, where she dabbled in various forms of art and design, such as digital illustration, 3D rendering, and animation.

The combination of the knowledge she gathered there and the skills she developed throughout her lifetime was exhibited in her final year project during KIGS’ biannual event “VIBE”, an experience that pushed her to continue down the artistic path.

“During the exhibition, I received a lot of compliments and encouragement from my family, friends, and people who attended the exhibition, and it motivated me to pursue this path.”

While Stephanie is still very much passionate in the creative arts, she is also curious about her design capabilities when applied to the workforce. Her previous commission work designing logos for local companies Dashi and Seoul Toast taught her a lot, professionally and personally. Now entering her internship with AICREATIVV, she’s ready to explore what the creative industry has to offer and hopefully find her footing along the way.

We asked Stephanie what she looks forward to during her time here at AICREATIVV.

“I look forward to gaining new sets of skills and broadening my knowledge.”

During Stephanie’s internship with us, she will have access to plenty of resources to gain new knowledge and develop old skills, from online courses to client projects. She will also be surrounded by other creatives in the team who can share experiences and anecdotes that she can learn from and apply in future works. She’s still leaving her prospects open, and she shares that she hopes to narrow down where her talents can be used best in this industry.

“I want to get used to the working field and learn how to properly manage my time.”

The experience of working in the creative industry is vastly different from one’s experiences in high school or university. Especially when you’re required to work with clients, certain skills are necessary for a smooth and successful collaboration, such as clear and professional communication, effective conflict resolution, and respect for time and priorities. Our interns, including Stephanie, will discover the importance of such skills, and realise which areas are their strengths and which can be improved further.

“I hope to make great memories and friends along the way as part of my internship journey.”

AICREATIVV is an interesting mix of personalities, from the soft- to the loud-spoken, from introverts to extroverts, and everything in between. And although the company is slowly growing over time, we still aim to foster a work environment that is collaborative and high-spirited. We enjoy doing activities as a group, including work-related trips, office parties, or even daily lunches. There are many opportunities in the 3 months that Stephanie will work with us to get closer to one another; we hope that she will make meaningful and memorable relationships that she will continue to cherish even as she moves forward in her professional journey.

Stephanie’s Internship Journey Begins

We’re so glad to be a part of Stephanie’s chapter of discovery and growth. She is quiet and focused, but also attentive and engaged in her. We hope that after the 3 months spent with us, she will find an endless source of inspiration and learn how to channel her creativity in a way that brings her happiness and success.

Let’s make the magic happen together!

Kolej International Graduate Studies (KIGS) student Stephanie Yong begins internship at Brunei creative design agency AICREATIVV


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