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Digital Illustrator Zaireena Begins an Internship at AICREATIVV

KIGS student Zaireena Osman takes her passion for design one step further by stepping into the creative industry as an intern at AICREATIVV.

KIGS student Zaireena Osman begins internship at Brunei creative design agency AICREATIVV

Join us in welcoming another intern into the company - let’s get to know Zaireena Osman! A student from Kolej International Graduate Studies (KIGS) studying Professional Design, Zaireena will be working alongside the creative team to further her knowledge and skills in design and branding.

Hello, Zaireena!

Zaireena’s interest in art began in middle school, where she spent her free time doodling and sketching her favourite cartoon characters from popular shows. As she grew older and her skills developed, she often returned to this art style like a safety net, whether as a pastime or paid work. After a short hiatus from creativity in high school, Zaireena decided to pursue art seriously and enrolled in Professional Design at KIGS. There, she found her passion for design reignited.

During one of my assignments, I redesigned a package with my illustrations and graphic design elements. My lecturer was very proud of my work and this is where I discovered my passion for branding.

Now that she’s completed her Bachelor’s degree, Zaireena is ready for a journey of self-growth: to explore how much further she can improve her skills, and to discover her strengths and weaknesses in the working field. She hopes that this internship will be the stepping stone to bigger and better capabilities.

We asked Zaireena what she looks forward to during her time here at AICREATIVV.

“I hope to develop and increase my portfolio.”

During Zaireena’s time here, she will have many opportunities to work with different clients on a wide array of projects, ranging from branding to collateral design. We encourage our interns to get involved in such collaborations as we feel that it’s a good opportunity to gain experience and improve on existing or new skills. We also strongly believe in giving credit where credit is due; whether it’s adding their name to a credits reel or adding the project to their professional portfolio, we love to see everyone be proud of their work.

“I hope that I can discipline myself by getting used to a working environment.”

At AICREATIVV, we value collaboration within the team as well as with other creatives in Brunei. We aim to foster a safe and supportive environment, where everyone can express their ideas and opinions without judgement. By working in a team, Zaireena can improve on the skills that will benefit her in the long run, such as communication, time management, or - more specific to the design work that she does - adhering to brand guidelines. Zaireena hopes to improve on these soft skills so that she can be a valuable asset to any workplace she becomes a part of in the future.

“I’m looking forward to making new friends with my colleagues, since I’m used to a quiet environment working from home.”

When it comes to creative agencies, a team’s dynamic can have a crucial impact on creativity and motivation. While we understand the benefits of a hybrid working model, we also think that it is important that the team come together regularly to foster collaborative spirits and friendly relationships. At first impression, Zaireena is quiet and reserved, but many of her friends and family members express that she becomes more outspoken when she’s grown comfortable. Over time, we hope that Zaireena will feel closer to us and make memories that will make her internship experience most enjoyable.

Zaireena’s Internship Journey Begins

As we get to know Zaireena, we can tell that she’s very passionate about the work she does, so we’re glad that she has chosen to pursue her passion further. We hope that this internship journey is a chance for her to discover how she can use her skills in art and digital illustration in a way that is sustainable and lucrative, and we’re more than happy to help provide her with the resources she needs to move forward. May her path be filled with success and self-growth!

Let’s make the magic happen together!

KIGS student Zaireena Osman begins internship at Brunei creative design agency AICREATIVV


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