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Haziyah Paints Her Career Path with an Internship at AICREATIVV

Our newest intern expands her knowledge and creative boundaries with another step into the colourful world of design.

Haziyah Azalmey joins Brunei creative agency AICREATIVV as an intern.

Join us in welcoming another intern to the AICREATIVV team, Haziyah Azalmey! A flourishing artist, Haziyah will be collaborating with the creative team as she paves her way to becoming a brand identity designer. She hopes to experience a real-life work environment in the creative industry and discover her niche among the colourful sea of designers.

Hello, Haziyah!

Haziyah knew, from a young age, that she is a creative person. Her memories of herself as a child paint a picture of a carefree and imaginative girl, with a passion for creating.

“I was really into Barbie, Bratz, and MyScene, so I wanted to delve into the fashion industry as a kid. I even used to sketch their dresses.”

After placing her artistic endeavours on the back-burner to focus on her academic studies, Haziyah began pursuing design in 2020, taking a degree course in Professional Design (Visual Communications) at Kolej International Graduate Studies (IGS). Despite having no design experience prior to her entering IGS, the course offered a range of different subjects, from marketing to cultural and art history, giving Haziyah a comprehensive look into the creative industry.

Her experiences in high school also left her well-equipped with soft skills to tackle a new field. In Maktab Sains, she took part in many clubs, where she built on her teamwork and communication skills. She even joined Gavel Club, a junior version of the Toastmasters club, and found her confidence in public speaking there. And a couple of real-life experiences working at Creative Space and Print Plus gave her her first step into the creative industry, which cemented her aspirations for design. Now, she moves onto her next chapter in life, exploring the current industry standards of creative design as she interns at AICREATIVV.

Haziyah Azalmey joins Brunei creative agency AICREATIVV as an intern.

We asked Haziyah what she looks forward to during her time at AICREATIVV.

”I want to polish up my current expertise in brand identity design.”

Studying at IGS, Haziyah was exposed to many different topics and areas within the realm of design, including illustration, animation, and even the sociological perspective. However, she found that she had a strong affinity towards brand identity design, and chose to focus on this area as a potential career path. Under the guidance of the members of the creative team, Iman Shamsuddin and Amal Osmera, Haziyah hopes to expand her knowledge and skill set when it comes to making intentional design choices to suit the clients’ needs and goals.

”I hope I could unlock new interests and skills that I didn’t even know I would have.”

As the year 2023 turned out to be quite eventful so far for many of the AICREATIVV team members, we’ve had our own fair share of new and uncomfortable experiences. Haziyah shares our sentiment that, although these unfamiliar experiences can be scary, those that benefit us will only bring about positive change and growth. For our designer-in-the-making, even delving into the creative industry was new and scary for her, but she realised that she always came out the other side of those experiences thriving. Knowing this now, Haziyah is open to trying new things and testing uncharted territories, the videography industry topping that list of unexplored interests.

”I want to see where I stand among other designers in the industry.”

Haziyah’s internship at AICREATIVV marks a journey of self-growth and self-discovery. Although the creative industry in Brunei is growing every day, it can also be cutthroat, an ever-evolving landscape where players get left behind if they remain stagnant. Through this internship, Haziyah wants to learn from other designers in the industry, not only to improve her capabilities as a brand identity designer, but to also discover her niche and how she can stand out among others like her. We encourage her to network with other designers and find a community of supportive individuals who want to learn, grow, and collaborate together.

Haziyah’s Internship Journey Begins

We’re so glad to be a part of Haziyah’s journey towards becoming a skilled and experienced brand identity designer. She impressed us with her portfolio of mock brands and projects, and impressed us even further upon meeting her in person and witnessing her friendly and well-spoken manner. Now, Haziyah is ready to fill her portfolio with real client work, brimming with the potential to thrive in this upcoming chapter of her life. We hope Haziyah finds the growth she was looking for throughout her internship with us, and that she traverses along an eventful path towards her passion, leaving an artistic trail in her wake.

Let’s make the magic happen together!


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