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Aziizi Joins AICREATIVV as a Creative Designer

Our newest addition to the team brings creative ideas from beyond the clouds to the canvas.

Mahmud Aziizi joins Brunei creative agency AICREATIVV as a creative designer.

As AICREATIVV develops to new heights, the team also makes its expansion with the addition of another Creative Designer to the team - join us in welcoming Mahmud Aziizi! Like a lake, he is quiet and unassuming, but underneath the surface, he’s full of bright and novel ideas, waiting to be discovered. He hopes to explore the strengths and limitations of his artistic capabilities as he advances his career journey with us.

Hello, Aziizi!

Aziizi’s drive for creative expression could be traced back to his memories of playing with Legos during his childhood. Often, he and his cousins would get together and spend their days building houses, and as the months went on, each person developing their own small plot of land, a Lego neighbourhood would slowly come together.

“Each weekend, we would continue to build and improve on our areas throughout the year. From there, I discovered that I like to piece things together to make a full body of work.”

The simple building blocks of his childhood eventually became the foundation for his passion for creation and expression. Since then, Aziizi has tested the waters in multiple avenues of art and creativity, including interior design, event planning, performance art, and scriptwriting. Art became his most comfortable medium of expression, even participating in a few art exhibitions to showcase his artistic skills and style.

Mahmud Aziizi joins Brunei creative agency AICREATIVV as a creative designer.
Aziizi exhibits his collaborative art pieces with Elroy Ramantan.

Now at AICREATIVV, Aziizi is plunging deeper into designer waters. His previous experiences dabbling in design were to market local shows and events, such as Iski Musik’s 2022 show “Huru Hara”, and events organised by Brunei theatre company 247 Studios, including the “National Theatre Festival Brunei” in 2022 and “A Night of Bands” in 2023. As he embarks on this next chapter in his life, he’s ready for a bigger challenge; whether he’s designing visual brands, social media content, or physical collaterals, he believes that trying new things is one of the best ways to learn, grow, and improve.

We asked Aziizi what he looks forward to during his time here at AICREATIVV.

I hope to improve myself personally and professionally.”

Aziizi has been a part of the creative industry for about two years now, and he’s had his fair share of experiences taking on roles that require certain leadership-like skills, such as making decisions, liaising with team members and collaborators, or expressing thoughts and concerns. But he often lacks confidence in himself, which causes creeping thoughts of self-doubt, and that is one of the things that he wishes to improve on during his time here. We make an effort to cultivate a work culture that allows everyone to express themselves freely, and we hope that this environment will give Aziizi the space he needs to grow and improve.

“I look forward to making more connections.”

Expanding your professional network is one of the most beneficial things you can do in almost any industry you’re a part of, and Aziizi shares the same sentiment. We’re always open to opportunities to collaborate with other creatives, strategists, and business owners, to discover what magic we can make together. Doing so not only helps AICREATIVV grow and expand, but it’s also a great way for our team members to meet other individuals and maybe even make meaningful relationships.

“I want to delve into more film productions during my time here.”

Producing and directing a film is one of Aziizi’s biggest dreams in life. Many of his works are experimental, emotion-inducing, and thought-provoking, and he strives to create a moving picture that has the same effect. At first, the thought of creating an experimental film was intimidating and overwhelming for Aziizi, but since then, he’s been a part of a few film production shoots as both a talent and a crew member, making connections with accomplished individuals in the film industry along the way. Now, more than ever, Aziizi feels closer to achieving his dream, and we’d be happy to support him in any way we can to make those dreams a reality.

Aziizi Takes a Creative Leap

Aziizi is more than just a great artist and designer. Some may think that his faraway gaze means that he is drifting off into his own world, but his comfort in the clouds is also why many of his ideas are imaginative, unconfined by the boundaries of the physical world. His ability to generate out-of-the-box ideas makes for a refreshing addition to the company, and we’re thrilled to have his energy and expertise enhance the office atmosphere. We look forward to witnessing Aziizi’s creative evolution as he begins this next chapter in life!

Let’s make the magic happen together!

Aziizi joins Brunei creative agency AICREATIVV as a creative designer


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