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The Clash of Ages: Millennials vs Gen Z

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

They (the team’s Millennials) aren’t ready for this (the team’s Gen Zs)… or are they? 🤨

The AICREATIVV team consists of millennials, zillennials, and Gen Zs

Within the AICREATIVV team, there’s Imamull - who is part of the business team - mentioning an incoming client by saying something like, “Another tender opportunity got in!” and Batrisyia would reply with a “slay” or maybe even a “period”. In the creative team, Iman would share her finished designs, a proud smile on her face and all: “Here are the three designs I got so far!” and Batrisyia would reply with a, “Ooo vibes” or a “The one on the right is giving.

In the vibrant office of AICREATIVV, an intriguing phenomenon unfolds as the Gen Zs bring their unique slang into the workplace, making it vibrant-er (younger actually).

It's now 2023 and Gen Zs are slowly entering the workforce, interacting with different generations on the daily. Born in 2001, the writer of this post is a Gen Z individual who has been tasked with writing a blog post about the change of language in the office ever since she stepped in (Me. The author of this post. I stepped in.)

Batrisyia Ali, AICREATIVV intern, content creation, copywriting, multimedia creative design agency
The author of this blog post, Batrisyia of AICREATIVV

Okay? … and? What about Gen Zs?

Born between 1997 to 2012, Gen Z individuals, racially diverse and technologically adept, possess a distinct perspective on life and how they navigate it. Growing up in the digital age, where information spreads rapidly thanks to social media platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter, Gen Z's nature is characterized by a hunger for knowledge and connection! They embrace change, are more open about mental health, and exude a heightened emotional awareness.

Since the majority of Gen Zs are immersed in online culture, they tend to incorporate popular slang into their everyday conversations too. Either referencing memes on the internet or saying words such as ‘period’ or ‘vibes’, Gen Zs bring the social media culture into physical interactions the same way they give a human touch into the digital world. Due to this, there tends to be a generational gap that often creates differences in language and meme familiarity.

The AICREATIVV team encounters this generational difference from time to time. How? Keep on reading to find out!

One is Company, Two’s a Crowd & Three’s a Party!

As the youngest member of the AICREATIVV team, Batrisyia shares this affinity for popular slang culture, TikTok trends, and familiarity with online jokes and memes. She proudly represents Gen Z within the team alongside fellow member Iman, with Elroy as an honorary Gen Z (TLDR, he’s a Millennial but is well versed with the ways of Gen Z).

The rest of the team identifies as Millennials, despite two of them being born in 1997. Though they can be fun too, the trio creates an enthusiastic youthful vibe within the office by dropping references every now and then, leaving the Millennials giddy but dumbfounded.

Elroy Ramantan, Batrisyia Ali, Iman Shamsuddin, AICREATIVV, multidisciplinary creative design agency
From left to right: Elroy, Batrisyia, and Iman of AICREATIVV

The Millennials are Learning…

You would see Iman and Batrisyia randomly doing a TikTok dance at times! Earlier in March, when FIFTY-FIFTY's "Cupid" was trending (which, deserved, by the way) Batrisyia was recording herself doing the dance trend during lunch. Iman understood and quickly joined in!

The rest of the team questioned the two, but one by one, they started joining us. You would see Najang learning it at her own pace in the corner of the office, Amaru questioning the trend, “What is that? What is going on?” and Amal’s “How are you doing that?”, attempting to replicate the hand heart gesture and failing to do so the first time. Social media acts as a catalyst, bridging generational gaps and fostering shared experiences.

It doesn’t stop at TikTok dance trends because there are times when Gen Z slang perplexes the older generation too. Imamull's confusion over the term "Realudin" prompts an explanation from the Gen Z team members. It combines the Gen Z slang "Real" with the Malay name "Aliuddin." Such slang terms are often a playful blend of cultures and languages, reflecting Gen Z's multicultural upbringing.

There are other words that are used amongst Brunei’s Gen Z. The most well-known is ‘faham, faham’, the Brunei-Malay version of the well-known Gen Z’s ‘valid’. Another one, probably more of an idiolect than a sociolect but is heard from time to time, ‘comelism’; Comel as in cute and adding on the suffix, ‘-ism’. Some slangs don’t really have any deeper meaning to it; a quirk Gen Z naturally owns.

Within the office, “Slay” and “Period” are often said by the trio too. You would see Elroy showing his bag that matches well with his outfit saying, “She’s cute right? She’s slaying it today.” (‘she’ as in Elroy).

A certain word gained popularity though. “Bangers” has become a daily expression of excitement or approval for anything from lunch choices to successful brand strategies! The Millennials, in particular, adopt this word enthusiastically:

Amal: We got coffee for everyone! Farhan: Bangers 😄!

The millennials at AICREATIVV are quick learners! They’re incorporating Gen Z slang into daily conversations within the office. They would add ‘vibes’ to almost anything now. Expressions like "I'm tired vibes'' when it’s almost time to clock out or "Hmmm hungry vibes” when lunch hour is close by. This adds a playful touch to the office atmosphere. A personal favorite being, “period, bestie” (with the short pause between period and bestie).

This clash of ages within the AICREATIVV team reveals how Gen Z's influence reaches beyond their own generation.

AICREATIVV, multidisciplinary creative design agency
A regular day at the AICREATIVV office

Language (and Generation Mixes) Can Be Beautiful <3

Gen Z lingo serves as a means of self-expression for Gen Zs, showcasing the impact of social media and digital connectivity on their lives. Slang terms like slay, W, rizz, and ate originated from different online communities and world cultures, creating a sense of unity among Gen Z individuals worldwide. This generation's diverse mindset, fueled by their racially diverse backgrounds and the ever-evolving digital world, motivates them to carve out their own linguistic identity.

As it continues to evolve, it creates a vibrant tapestry of expression, enabling generations to connect and understand one another in new and exciting ways.

In the end, Gen Z's slang not only adds a human touch to digital interactions but also brings the digital persona into the physical world. Through their ever-evolving language, they contribute to a dynamic and inclusive workplace, bridging generational divides and celebrating the diversity of voices within the office.


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