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AICREATIVV Celebrates Royal Brunei’s 48th Anniversary of Their Maiden Flight

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

Ambitions soar high as the AICREATIVV team receives an invitation from Royal Brunei to their Hari Raya open house this year.

AICREATIVV members, Farhan Jafar Ali, Elroy Ramantan, Amaru Jumat, Batrisyia Ali, at Royal Brunei Airlines Open House

On May 17th 2023, Royal Brunei hosted an open house at the Royal Brunei Campus, and AICREATIVV - represented by Amal Nabilah “Amaru” Jumat, Farhan Jafar Ali, Elroy Ramantan, and Batrisyia Ali - received their invitation with gracious hands. It was not just a Hari Raya celebration, but also a momentous occasion for the company, as it marked 48 years since the first Royal Brunei aircraft lifted off of Bruneian soil. Since then, this significant milestone brought forth countless achievements and accolades that have shaped the airline’s remarkable journey over the years.

As we stepped into the venue, we were immediately struck with awe by the distinguished crowd, with representatives from renowned companies and influential C-level executives in attendance. It was an honor to be amidst such esteemed guests, and their presence evoked a feeling that our agency accounts manager, Amaru, described as “overwhelmingly exciting” - a sentiment shared by our entire team. They couldn’t help but feel like small fish swimming in a vast ocean, and feasting on the amazing spread of food and delicacies was the only thing they could do to calm their nerves down.

Although overwhelmed, the emotions of awe and humility quickly transformed into gratitude for the opportunity bestowed upon us. As we engaged in inspiring conversations with industry leaders and fellow creatives, AICREATIVV was able to make invaluable connections and expand our professional network, sparking the seeds of potential collaborations and partnerships in the future. To AICREATIVV, this invitation is equally a recognition of our skills and dedication, and motivates us to strive for greater heights and higher standards.

For Batrisyia, our intern, attending the open house was an enlightening experience. It provided her with valuable insights into the industry and allowed her to see firsthand the profound impact that collaboration and networking can have on personal and professional development. In her own words, she stated:

It was a great opportunity for me to see the connectivity, to learn and grow from this experience.

AICREATIVV would like to thank Royal Brunei for inviting us to their prestigious event. As a multidisciplinary design agency that has been operating for just over two years, it is an experience that is both validating and humbling for our members, and the inspirations we gained from this event will motivate us to strive for excellence and improvement. We hope this invitation marks the beginning of a synergetic relationship between our two organizations, and opens doors to opportunities where we can collaborate and make magic happen together.

AICREATIVV members, Farhan Jafar Ali, Elroy Ramantan, Amaru Jumat, Batrisyia Ali, at Royal Brunei Airlines Open House


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