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A Logo Won't Help You Get Customers

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

A common misconception is that businesses tend to think that "rebranding" is simply making a few tweaks to their logo, hoping that clients come busting through their front door.

They gravitate towards wanting to incorporate their backstory, origins, and name into their logo, and spend more time on this than the strategy. For example, the need to put a spoon into their restaurant logo or a car in their detailing service.

There is nothing wrong with this approach, and oftentimes, it works. But this isn't the only thing that matters, it should be aligned with other important elements of branding to fully function.

Think of a logo as the face of your brand. This is the first thing that people see as visuals that represent your business. But this alone won't do.

How many times have you seen a logo and decided to be a loyal customer in an instant?

Your beautiful designs and visuals alone aren't enough to bring in customers nor even generate new customers. It isn't going to make your business attractive to the crowd.

So how do you make use of your logo to achieve all this? The answer lies in Brand Strategy.

A brunei graphic designer sketching and drawing a pretty logo

Strategy first, designs second

What do we mean by Brand Strategy? To talk about it simply, it means all the "invisible attributes" that tie together with your business.

Your traits, your values, your personality, message, communication. These are all defined in brand strategy. Who your brand serves, who your brand strategically appeals to, and which group of people that's considered as your brand tribe.

When a logo is tied with all of these elements, your business becomes irresistible. It doesn't just look good, it feels good. It makes your audience feel a certain way when they interact or purchase from you.

When visuals are paired up with effective, functional, and purpose-led communication, strategy, and marketing, the visuals, or in this case, the logo, works for you.

The customers are your destination, your business is the solution, and with these elements, your logo or visuals act as a vehicle to get you from here, to where you want to want to be: your customers.


The next time you redesign your logo, just remember those pretty visuals may turn heads, but pretty visuals alone will not "drive" business results.

Instead, look into who you want to reach, what they want to achieve, and how you plan to help them achieve it. Once those are defined, congratulations, you have the base of your brand strategy.

If you find it challenging, don't worry, it's supposed to be. Consider hiring a brand strategist to help you build a brand from the ground up.


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