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Making An Effective Brand Statement

Updated: May 3, 2021

Brand statements exist in many forms, each respectively serves its own purpose. The definition of the term "brand statement" is a short and sweet summary of what you do, who you do it for, and how you do it. The purpose it serves is simply to communicate how you can benefit your target audience.

It is the one thing that should make your audience be able to understand what your business has to offer. It is important for your brand statement to be as clear as possible in order for your audience to instantly catch a glimpse of why they should engage with you.

Brand statements are often confused with a number of other brand terms such as; brand purpose, brand goals, brand vision, brand promise, and so on. A Brand Identity is all of these terms combined, plus loads of other important elements.

If you own a business and you have a desire to stand out from your competitors, a brand statement is a good place to start.

Why should you have a brand statement?

A business can be broken down into two main things; Marketing and Sales. In order to market, you need to have an offer, and in order to make sales, you need to have customers. Both of these actions require you to engage and interact with people in some way.

If you own a business that falls under a certain category where other businesses are doing similar things, customers will inevitably choose. Having a good brand statement can help make this process easier. Make it easier for them to choose by standing out.

Creating your own brand statement may seem like an easy task, but a lot of thought must be put into it in order for it to work. Having a catchy and memorable brand statement might sound tempting, but if it does not align with your business and brand identity, then it will not be as effective as you think.

Defining key elements of your brand statement

Before making your own brand statement, you should first yourself these three questions:

  • What makes my business unique?

  • Who do I serve?

  • What is my brand personality?

If you cannot answer these questions, then consider going back to the drawing board and pan out some ideas to define them.

If it is still difficult, it might be useful to first construct your brand promise.

Making your brand promise

A brand promise is a relatively descriptive sentence that defines what you can do to help solve a certain problem for a certain target audience. It is meant to be concise and clear rather than to be catchy.

A brand promise can also be called a "positioning statement".

Dave Talas has coined a simple way to make a brand promise that conveys the message to your audience. He approaches it with 3 P's:

People, Problem & Promise.

People: Who are you doing this for? Sports junkie, car lovers, ice cream enthusiasts, cafes, startups, teenagers, Gen Z's, parents, students, business owners, etc.

Problem: What problem are they experiencing? cannot achieve their dream body, too much normal ice creams, have a hard time at school, needs a new wardrobe upgrade, no customers, difficult to make sales, etc.

Promise: What can you do to help them? Achieve their dream body, taste heavenly ice creams, get better grades, express art through fashion, attract more customers, convert leads to sales, etc.

The blueprint? SImple.

I help [people] to [solve problem] <--- This is your promise


We help ambitious SMEs to build brands that inspire.

I help Gen Z's to express art through fashion.

I help busy people to achieve their dream bodies.

Once you have announced this, it is your responsibility to follow this through with action. Here is where an old cliché is particularly true "actions speak louder than words"

Building your brand statement

Once you have defined the three key questions and your brand promise, you can begin to summarize and come up with clever alternatives.

Successful global brands are a good reference for effective brand statements.

BMW: The Ultimate Driving Machine

Apple: Think Different.

Walmart: Save money. Live better.

Here are some local brand statements that hit the sweet spot:

Roasted Sip: Making every sip count.

Benchlab: Where curiosity meets skills.

Mudaser: Suits the Gentlemen

Remember to be creative, but also be very clear.

Usage instances

There are many instances where the brand statement & brand promise can be used strategically. Here are three spaces where your brand statement & brand promise can live on.

Website: A beautiful place to put this is on your homepage, right when your website is done loading. Spotify's website puts this to good use.

Instagram: Instagram, next to Tiktok, is where a massive amount of locals spend their time on. Your brand statement & brand promise can live on your Instagram bio as a way to communicate to your audience as soon as they navigate to your profile. Learn more on how you can optimize your Instagram page for your business here.

Publication & Interviews: Brand statement & brand promises work very well when conveyed verbally, too.

Marketing: Your ads, social media posts. and other marketing efforts.


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