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Grow an Audience on Instagram

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

Growing an audience on Instagram might feel very overwhelming at first, especially if you've just started. Businesses tend to look into the metrics too much such as likes, comments, shares to determine the success of their profile. Although this is true, it does not entirely determine sales.

Followers and an Audience are two different things. What you want is the latter.

Followers are people who follow your profile because they like something in the past, decide to click on follow, and may not necessarily interact with the posts that come afterward. Among those followers is your Audience. Loyal followers who continuously engage with your content, share your content, comment, like, even to the point where they would DM you to have genuine conversations. An audience is always up to date and would be willing to spend on your product in a heartbeat. This is what you should aim for.

Remember, 10k followers on Instagram is no better than 500 audience members.

What further defines an audience is that your content fits them, and their content fits you. Organic growth may not seem too difficult of a task at this point.

But how can you gain an audience instead of non-engaging followers? The trick is on your Instagram Bio.

Making full use of your IG Bio

Once you've set your Instagram Account into a Business Account, you have just unlocked a huge potential in converting your followers into your audience.

Your IG Bio, is the first thing that users will see once they click on your profile. With this in mind, there are more reasons to fully utilize your Bio so users will know what you do at a glance.

Think about it from the user's perspective, when they click on an account, it might mean that they are curious or interested. Once interested, they would click on your Instagram account and see the upper portion of your profile - profile picture, post count, followers count, following count, your name, your category, then your Bio.

If these fields aren't in sync, or does not give any context as to how it will provide the user any sort of value, why should they bother scrolling down to see your content?

For example:

A food vendor account with a bio entry of only "my passion is baking" will not give adequate context for the user to proceed.

Instead, ask your self these questions:

  • What do people call you?

  • What industry are you in?

  • What do you do?

  • Who do you do it for?

  • Where are you located?

  • How will they contact you?

  • What's your website?

  • If they're interested, what should be their next step?

This might sound like a lot, but you'll be surprised how this can easily be condensed into short and clear phrases.

IG Bio Optimization

For now, let's only focus on how to optimize your IG Bio. We took a screenshot of our profile for reference.

Notice how we condensed what value we offer to our audience in just 4 short sentences?

Let's break it down:

The first line is our name, AiCreativv, and what we do "Designer Brunei". To further supplement this, we also made our category as Graphic Designer. This gives a bit of context to the user.

Next, the 4-liners. Why 4? because this is the max amount of lines before the "show more" button pops up. If you put more details, you will risk the users to not read those parts that are buried underneath. Instead, make it easy by shortening your Bio into 4 lines. As a bonus, do not hesitate to use Emojis to make it look more appealing.

Let's talk about each line.

Brunei-based Branding, Social Media & Design

We covered where we provide our services and what sort of service we offer. Those are two things.

DM for Business enquiries

Call to action. In case they are interested, what should they do? For us, we suggest they DM us.

Sharing our knowledge & thoughts

What value does this IG profile offer? Here, we clearly state that we share our knowledge & thoughts about our expertise.

More on our website below!

We direct a more interested audience to navigate to our website, where all our portfolio entries and professional info is housed, avoiding the need to explain more in detail on the bio.

With this, the moment they view our bio, they instantly know what they're up for. They are primed to take in the content that you offer.


Followers on Instagram may have an effect on user's perceptions relating to credibility, but on your side, it does more harm than good. It's better to aim for an engaging audience.

With an audience, you will have a better way of organic reach.

To do this, your bio must be optimized and easy to read, in order to filter out followers from your audience and to help first-time users to know what you're all about If your content is right for your audience, they will engage.

You can achieve this by using these simple prompts.

Name | Context


(*) Services you offer

(*) How to contact you

(*) What this account is about

(*) Call to action

Fill the (*) with Emojis to look more appealing.

Note: Your name change can only be done once every 14 days, so do be wary of any sort of typos!


Let us know if you found this post helpful. And if you haven't, feel free to check other blogs for more tips on Social Media, Branding & Design from us at AiCreativv.

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