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National Theatre Festival Brunei (2022)

September - December 2022

A Bigger and Bolder Theatre Experience

As the theatre industry in Brunei expands, the National Theatre Festival Brunei (NTFB) became a platform for theatre groups across the country to showcase their talents and connect with other artists. The first festival in 2021 reflected the growing community, and it became clear to founders Syazni Bakar and Amali Hj Rosli of 247 Studios that their passion in theatre extended to more than just an interest.

The second installment would return in 2022, and it was only fitting that they returned twice as big.

A bigger festival meant more days, more theatre groups, and more shows. The enthusiasm to reach new heights in its early days meant reaching more eyes while still staying true to their reputation that was built thus far. We partnered up with NTFB to cement its brand and identity as the first theatre festival ever to be held in Brunei.

"The second installment would return in 2022, and it was only fitting that they returned twice as big."

Making Their Mark in Theatre

Two years since its creation, NTFB was still looking for its place in the theatre industry. Despite their large ambitions, they still had to establish their identity as *the* theatre festival to look forward to every year. Taking inspiration from last year’s color palette and designs, these were incorporated into every piece of design work we created. In doing so, we were able to solidify their brand identity into something iconic and memorable.

Capital C in Collaboration

Enhancing the online presence of NTFB was a major part of our involvement as the lead team in design and marketing. Our promotional content was based on five pillars - ‘It’s In The Numbers’, ‘Reminding Brunei’, ‘Sparkling Visuals’, ‘Money Makers’ and ‘New Standards’. And the five different types of content was spread across many different platforms, from print collaterals, to website creation, to short-form content on Instagram and TikTok. Planning and shaping our content in this way, coupled with the flexibility of the design team, enabled us to reach a wider audience range.

Lights, Curtains, Action!

The partnership between AICREATIVV and 247 Studios, along with Medley House Productions and The Creative Core Brunei, successfully placed NTFB in the limelight, as hundreds of tickets were sold across the seven-day event. With seven different theatre groups performing a total of fourteen shows and running seven workshops, as well as NTFB’s creative partners holding five forums, altogether created a week of spectacular wonder, creativity and learning. The opportunity to learn what it truly takes to run an event as big as a theatre festival was eye-opening, yet, the collaboration across the different committee teams brought forth deeper connections and memories that were truly cherished.


Designers - Syafiy Izady, Jersey Aspen, Amal Osmera
Media - Akmal Haziq, Mizan Muzani, Quzaimi Hardy, Izzuddin Jali
Website - Safwan Kahar, Hazirah Marzuke, Imamull Qhaeer
Copywriters - May Cho, Najihah Osmera
Strategy - Amal Osmera, Imamull Qhaeer
Collateral Coordinator - Iman Shamsuddin
Ticketing - Hafiz Sulaiman, Faiq Airudin, Hazirah Marzuke

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