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Kitani Kreatif - Branding & Identity Design


The Bridge Between Culture and Creativity

Nuur Aqilah Ali strongly believes in the untapped potential that the creative industry has to offer. Her Master’s degree in Cultural and Creative Industries opened her eyes to the power of creative minds on the community and the economy. That’s why she founded Kitani Kreatif, a cultural agency that aims to preserve, regenerate, and promote cultural heritage and arts through the creative industry.

Kitani Kreatif, which means “we are creative” in Bruneian Malay, is the embodiment of that mission, combining creativity with community to advocate for cultural conservation and creative expression. We worked with Aqilah to create a brand identity that conveys the heart and values of the company, and supports Aqilah’s goals for a culturally rich and creatively diverse community.

Kitani Kreatif, which means “we are creative” in Bruneian Malay, is the embodiment of that mission, combining creativity with community to advocate for cultural conservation and creative expression.

An Icon Shaped by Culture

Three words that set the foundation of the brand’s visual identity were ‘archival’, ‘timeless’, and ‘reliable’, which reflect the company’s mission to become the platform that connects the community to culture, tradition, and history. Thus, many of our creative decisions were made with these goals and attributes in mind.

The Kitani Kreatif logo was inspired by Bruneian tradition, Asian culture, and the Islamic religion. We studied common motifs largely found on Brunei’s traditional woven textiles, known as “kain tenunan”, and took their shared characteristics, such as its cyclic design, symmetry, and simplicity, to develop the final logo. The stamp frame that borders the logo icon represents heritage, as the hobby of collecting stamps is often passed down through generations, over time fostering an appreciation for history and art. The distressed and roughened edges of the border gives the logo a vintage quality, further highlighting the brand’s ‘archival’ nature.

The religious symbolism is subtle, yet deeply embedded into the logo. The stamp frame includes six perforations on each side to represent the Six Pillars of Faith that surrounds every Muslim’s belief system, while the five boxes at the center of the logo represents a bird’s eye visualisation of the Five Pillars of Islam, the core Islamic practices at the heart of every Muslim.

A Creative Space for Diversity

Kitani Kreatif is a company that raises awareness and celebrates the cultural, creative, and social landscapes of Brunei, Borneo Island, and the South East Asia region. These topics can be both vast and deep, so it was important that the brand accounts for that variety and versatility.

We strayed away from minimalism and instead, chose to include eight different colours to make up the final colour palette, to reflect the diversity of Asian culture and tradition. The colours are striking and eye-catching, and when juxtaposed, their contrasts work to accentuate individual differences and uniqueness. Contrasting yet cohesive, the palette allows discussion of many different topics within the cultural and creative industries, while staying true to the visual brand.

The inclusion of three different fonts also served this purpose. The display font for titles and headings, Nineties Display, is inspired by the 90s decade, and embodies the modern yet antiquarian personality of the brand. For subheadings, we chose the Heuristica font for its Serif style, which evokes feelings of sentimentality and nostalgia, and strengthens Kitani Kreatif’s expression of timelessness. And for larger and longer bodies of text, we employ the Nunito font, a Sans Serif font that is simple, easy on the eyes, and appropriate across many different topics.

An Individual Expression of Collective Appreciation

Nuur Aqilah Ali’s vision for the future of Kitani Kreatif - and the creative industry as a whole - is inspiring, and became a major driving force for this project. By understanding her passions and the societal obstacles that she aimed to address using this platform, we were able to create a visual identity that is infused with elements of culture, heritage, and tradition. Artistic at first glance, and insightful when you look deeper. The result is a brand that both appreciates history and tradition, while also advocating for a progressive change that embraces culture instead of neglecting it.


Lead Designer: Iman Shamsuddin, AICREATIVV
Brand Strategist: Amal Osmera, AICREATIVV
Special Thanks: Aqilah Ali (Co-Founder of Kitani Kreatif)

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