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HPC: National Physical Activity Guidelines

February - March 2022

Inspiring Active Lifestyles with Design

Everyone knows that living a healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet and regular exercise is vital for a high quality of life. However, for some, there are still obstacles that get in the way of doing so. At the Health Promotion Centre (HPC), a subsection of the Ministry of Health (MOH), their team is dedicated to raising public awareness about healthy lifestyle choices and preventing non-communicable diseases. They conduct research, develop strategies and guidelines, and coordinate campaigns and activities, so that we can all adopt healthy routines and live life to our fullest.

In order to promote their updated executive summary on the National Physical Activity Guidelines (NPAG), HPC approached AICREATIVV to design a booklet for the public, which contains up-to-date research and action recommendations that the public should take to maintain a healthy lifestyle. With a vision for an easy-going art style, a friendly and humanised tone of voice, and filled with illustrations as a visual guide, AICREATIVV took the challenge to create a piece of work that perfectly blends informative and engaging content.

"They conduct research, develop strategies and guidelines, and coordinate campaigns and activities, so that we can all adopt healthy routines and live life to our fullest."

One Size Fits All

We worked with HPC to design a booklet that raises awareness on the importance of physical activity for all ages. It took many hours of drafting and designing before we reached the final product, having regular back-to-back communication and sharing our progress with the HPC team to ensure that everything is aligned, from the visuals to the messaging.

The universality of exercise was a major theme in this booklet, so we collaborated with Qhanvas to create flat character designs of people across all age groups performing different activities. The colours that were used for the characters and in the booklet design were directly picked from the HPC building, a tribute to their brand identity. The characters were the perfection addition to the booklet, as they successfully made the content more engaging, and drives home the underlying message that people of all age groups can and should exercise, and that there is an exercise or a sport out there for everyone.

A Visual Journey to Fitness

With HPC’s target audience being the general public, our challenge was to display data and information catered to people of all age groups in a way that is both visually engaging and easily digestible. Through the use of illustrations and typographic hierarchy, we were able to direct attention towards the more important pieces of information, and structure the content in such a way that readers can easily look for information that is important and relevant to them. Our choice to use Degular Display and Stolzl as fonts throughout the booklet was intentional: its simplicity is non-distracting, easing readers into absorbing the information on the page.

One Step at a Time

AICREATIVV’s collaboration with the Health Promotion Centre and Qhanvas brought forth a handy booklet on the National Physical Activity Guidelines, an informative and engaging first step towards developing a healthy lifestyle. It was mass printed for the public, with the purpose of raising awareness on the importance of physical activity in every stage of life.

Our work extends further than this single collaboration, as we also provided HPC with a design guide, detailing the colours and fonts that were used in the booklet. With such likeable characters and an engaging design, we hope these will be incorporated into their social media posts and other print collaterals, to maintain a unified style across their public campaigns in the future.


Booklet designed by Imamull Qhaeer of AICREATIVV
Characters designed by Qhanvas
Content provided by Health Promotion Centre (HPC)

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