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Changing the Way a Telecom Company Communicates

Datastream Digital, more commonly known as DST, is Brunei Darussalam’s oldest telecommunication company, standing tall and proud for 29 years. Founded in 1995, DST is perceived as a veteran, and is constantly seeking to revitalise their marketing strategies and connect with their loyal customers.

As part of an advertising campaign, DST approached AICREATIVV to produce a series of short-form videos promoting their four data plan products - ‘Easi’, ‘Mobi’, ‘Freedom’, and ‘Infinity’. Subsequently, we collaborated with video production company Filterworks Productions to create 12 short-form videos that showcased the range of DST’s data plans.

How to Sell a Lifestyle

Before any conceptualising is done for this project, we first held a Discovery Session with the marketing team at DST to establish a direction. In a saturated market where many companies are fighting for the audience’s attention, consumers are drawn towards products that show how their needs can be met or their quality of life improved. For DST specifically, their direction with this product campaign was an answer to their customers’ needs for stable and flexible connectivity; the challenge was in delivering this message to the target customer in 30 seconds or less.

For this campaign, we decided to take a soft-selling approach by creating 12 videos that showcased how DST’s products can be incorporated into various every-day situations to enhance their experiences, from having quality time with friends and family to achieving a healthy work-life balance. Portraying this elevated lifestyle instead of highlighting technical features of the product was more effective in reaching the campaign’s goals.

Digital Connections to Emotional Connections

As a powerhouse of the telecommunication industry, DST has amassed a wide range of customers over the years. And as the industry grew and the consumer market evolved, DST is consistently strategising ways to evolve alongside them and stay ahead of the game. Their venture into short-form social media advertising represents their willingness to adapt and change to meet emerging trends.

The challenge that comes from using social media as an advertising platform is to ensure that the videos reached the intended consumer. Over the years, DST developed a diverse target audience, mainly consisting of students, business owners, and family members. We worked with talents that meet these demographics for two purposes: to effectively portray the solutions that DST offers to meet their target audience’s needs, and to add an additional layer of relatability for the viewer, which were intended to match the target audience demographics as well.

A Name Recognised, Respected, and Rejuvenated

Our collaborative efforts with Filterworks Productions brought forth 12 product videos that portrayed a lifestyle of comfort, convenience, and connectivity with DST’s four data plan products. The use of short-form videos as advertising material offers a refreshing change from DST’s existing marketing strategies, shifting from static posts to dynamic videos that are more attention-grabbing in the fast-paced environment of the social media world. As DST continues to evolve with the industry, our campaign approach gave DST’s customers a more natural perspective into how Brunei’s veteran telecommunication company consistently strives to meet their customers’ demands.


Aaqilull Qhaeer, Amal Osmera, Amar Rashidah Halim Shah, Amaru Jumat, Ampuan Hafiz Sulaiman, Asyraf Saharuddin, Elroy Ramantan, Harris Azmain, Imamull Qhaeer, Iman Shamsuddin, Iskandar Karim, Mahmud Aziizi, Najihah Osmera, Nuur Batrisyia Ali, Osmera Othman, Syahmi Batrisyia Iskandar Zulkarnaen

Amaru Jumat

Director of Photography and Editor:
Syafi ‘Aizzuddeen, Aaqilull Qhaeer

Asyraf Saharuddin, Amar Rasyidah Halim Shah

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