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BDCB's 40th National Day Commemorative Coin


Celebrating Four Decades of Independence

On the 23rd of February 2024, in celebration of Brunei’s 40th National Day, Brunei Darussalam Central Bank (BDCB) planned to release three commemorative coins in gold, silver, and cupronickel. As a core institution integral to the functioning and health of Brunei’s financial economy, it was important to BDCB that every element of this campaign represented the nation’s deep appreciation for the country’s long-standing independence.

BDCB reached out to us for a teaser video promoting the release of these commemorative coins, while paying homage to the historic moment that acted as the first brick that eventually became the foundation to Brunei’s growth and success. Thus, we collaborated with local film production company Filterworks Productions to produce a video that reflected the proud patriotism felt by the nation.

The purpose of the video did not only serve the goals of the promotional campaign, but also as a video that celebrates and appreciates how far Brunei has come.

History in the Remaking

The purpose of the video did not only serve the goals of the promotional campaign, but also as a video that celebrates and appreciates how far Brunei has come. The historic significance carried by the coins was made heavier by the four decades that have passed since that momentous day. Therefore, it was vital that the final product reflected the gravity of this achievement.

In order to incite feelings of grandeur and magnificence, we took inspiration from the title sequence of the final season of “Game of Thrones”, in which they take their audience on a journey through the world that the producers have developed over 10 years. We replicated this concept using a 3D animation sequence that rebuilt the events that transpired on the 1st of January 1984, when Brunei was officially declared “a sovereign and independent nation” to the public. Audio recording of the speech given by the Sultan of Brunei Darussalam on that historic day further cements the connection of these coins to our history, and inspires feelings of patriotism and a reflection of Brunei’s growth.

The Shape of Culture

BDCB wanted to shine a spotlight on the quality craftsmanship of the 40th National Day commemorative coins, whose faces were embellished with intricate designs influenced by tradition and culture. Themes of mastery and diligence were incorporated, by accompanying the moment of the coins’ unveiling with sound effects of a hammer striking metal and the whooshing sound of a sword being drawn, all reminiscent of a blacksmith perfecting their craft.

We further accentuated the coin’s details by replicating the design motif that is present in all three coins, a motif commonly used in traditional woven textiles (known as “kain tenunan”), and forming the pattern using sand. This creative direction was inspired by the title sequence of another series, “Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power”, whose imagery reflected transformation and unity. Our take on the art style conveyed similar themes, each bead of sand representing an individual in Brunei’s nation, coming together to form history and culture over time.

To Make a Nation Proud

The video was a major success in terms of reach and engagement, garnering 25,000 views, almost 600 likes, and 250 shares on Instagram alone. Its performance is well-deserved, as National Day is an occasion celebrated by many. Moreover, the 40-year milestone makes this year’s celebration all the more special, and BDCB wanted their commemoration to reflect that. This piece of history represents more than a simple moment in time, and the values of perseverance, quality craftsmanship, and unity extends further than the borders of the video. They were seeded into every piece of work we do. This is the passion BDCB wanted to inspire in each and every one of us.


Project Lead - Imamull Qhaeer, AICREATIVV
Scriptwriter and Director - Aaqiil Ahmad
Producer - Amaru Jumat
Director of Photography - Syafi Aizuddin
Lead Animator - Dhiyaurarahman Suhaimi
Assets Developer - Asyran Hazwan
Assistant Camera - Aaqilull Qhaeer
Gaffer - Shakir Yusof
Art Lead - Amal Osmera
Art Assistants - Iman Shamsuddin, Haziyah Azalmey
Production Assistants - Aiman Ramlee, Zaid Kamal, Alimin Sofian
BTS Videographer - Imamull Qhaeer

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