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BDCB's 2023 Calendar

October - December 2022

Countdown to Financial Confidence

The Brunei Darussalam Central Bank (BDCB) continues their efforts to raise financial literacy awareness, this year pushing the boundaries with an interactive 2023 calendar to encourage the public to begin the new year with actively adopting smart money habits.

In the past, AICREATIVV’s work with BDCB has led to a number of successful publications that aimed to increase financial literacy awareness in the public, namely their 2022 Calendar and the Smarts Money Habits booklet. Our collaborations together helped to foster a deeper working relationship and understanding of the company’s goals and values, which made the process of our third collaboration together all the more smoother.

BDCB first approached us in 2021 to create a 2022 desk calendar, with a fun and engaging spin to its otherwise classic design. For their 2023 version, they return with bolder ambitions and visions. Their goal was to create something that served as more than a desk accessory; they wanted a go-to handbook that users can interact with and reference all year long, something that will act as a guide towards maintaining a financially healthy year.

Money is Honey

We worked with BDCB to create a calendar that will encourage the public to take a hands-on approach to adopting smart money habits and becoming financially literate. This year, the company’s theme is *#buzztogether*, in keeping with the ‘BDCBees’ concept that was developed in 2022. Like the ‘BDCBee’ mascot, the theme emphasises harmony and teamwork despite global economic challenges, and fosters resilience and growth as a company.

Building off of the design palette that was used in our previous collaborative works with BDCB, we continued to maintain and strengthen their brand through the use of their corporate colours and fonts. Despite being a corporate entity, their brand aims to be approachable, yet reliable as a source of financial information and advice. Thus, the illustrations that fill each page of the calendar took on a flat, minimalistic style so that users can more easily grasp the important content and messages that BDCB has been striving to deliver to the public.

A recurring motif was the octagonal shape: from the beehives colonies, to the grid design each month, and even down to each bullet point. A symbol of an organised and unified structure, the octagon is a clear emphasis on the company’s values to work intellectually and collaboratively towards the company’s goals and objectives.

Mapping Out Financial Freedom

Becoming financially literate takes more than reading up on the subject and theory. To fully grasp the skills and knowledge, the individual has to immerse themselves in it, and practice the relevant skills. This was BDCB’s aim with the calendar - to provide a hands-on approach to learning about personal finance.

Each month was dedicated to a specific subject surrounding financial literacy and the financial landscape. We accompanied bite-sized information and advice with illustrations as a form of visual aid. Usable space - to take notes, place stickers, and do activities - were also included, giving the user the opportunity to make the calendar their own.

Their boldest execution yet is the stand-alone savings adventure map. Inspired by *Pokemon* and in the format of a board game, the savings map aims to encourage users to challenge themselves by navigating their financial landscape with monthly savings challenges. We designed the map using an isometric 3D style, which adds to a sense of adventure and playfulness, highlighting the idea that becoming financially aware and independent can be fun and engaging. Further adding to the universality of the issue, cutouts of the ‘BDCBee’ mascot in a small and large size were included alongside dice frameworks, to encourage both adults and children to take part in the adventure, and challenge each other to save money every month.

A Colony for Collaboration

An upgrade from the 2022 version, the 2023 calendar is filled with captivating visuals and a practicality that brings it to another level. It is a bold leap that BDCB is taking in order to widen their reach and spread their knowledge, to educate the public on the skills and information they need to make financially sound decisions in a way that is both engaging and non-intimidating. From the simplistic design direction to the light tone of voice that was adopted, we’ve created an on-brand and extensive product that is sure to carry the BDCB message forward in the year of 2023.


Calendar designed by Imamull Qhaeer of AICREATIVV
Content provided by Brunei Darussalam Central Bank (BDCB)
A special thanks to Fadhli Sulaiman and Rashidina Ariffin

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